Strange hard bits


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I have been finding strange hard bits on my body!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but do not worrie thay are only bones hehehehehe
Did not know I had any,they have been covered with so much fat for most of my life.
keep putting my hands on my hips just to feel them sad or what
Still have a way to go so looking forward to finding more

Oooh Libbie I do that too!!

I remember being startled in the shower once because I found a 'lump' when I was lathering myself - turned out to be a collar-bone. And the first time I realised I had ribs .... well!

Not sure why I'm so constantly amazed at these emerging bones: I knew they had to exist (either that or I was a giant jelly-fish) but it tickles me to bits when I discover yet another one!

(the only down side is a bony bum ... never knew it could be so darned uncomfortable sitting on a park bench!)
Oh I love that expression!! So 'Black eyed peas' :D

I don't have a whole lot of 'junk in the trunk' but I have some very unwelcome junk in other areas of my anatomy!
And I have to remind myself that my man loves my 'junk in the trunk' - not quite as much as he adores my 'love pillows' but darn close!! ;) Think I'm gonna have to call them 'love cushions' if they keep shrinking!! :eek:
Alas ... mine have diminished so much they're not so much 'love cushions' as 'pin cushions'!! :(
Oh don't!!! :eek: I've managed to convince him I won't lose that much more from my boobs (gone from a 46E to a 40F so far :cool: ) but I know he's watching like a hawk! :rolleyes:
I have " junk in my tum"
Bones in the bum,painfull after sitting on your own bum pillow.My friend has has to buy a pillow called"Bliss" to sit on in the car as vbum so painfull before CD she had a huge "trunk full of junk" now it is more like a "hand bag full of junk"
But bones are great things they let you know you are lossing the pounds so lets hear it for the bones yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
My biggest shock was finding out that my biceps were rock hard - I had muscles :eek:

Haven't been able to sort out my bingo wings yet though so I'll just concentrate on the front bits of my arms as that's the bit I can see anyway :p