Strange new Habits


Goodbye Tum
Well I've started clamping my teeth and sucking my tongue, even chewing the edges of my tongue, it's not like I'm hungry or near cheating or anything, I've just noticed myself doing it.


Worse of all

I'm addicted to watching Diners Drive Ins and Dives, it's on CBS Reality. It's a chap who goes round all these food places in america and watches how they make big huge meals, loads of half cows going on grills, huge burgers, basic junk food with a pound of cheese on everything but I can't stop myself. I'm watching thinking, go on taste it, have a big bite.... it's like food porn ha ha ha Most of the time I'm thinking good grief no wonder America has this food problem but with the ribs and smoked chicken and stuff I'm thinking I'd like some when I've finished xx
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I love that programme - there is also another programme called Man V Food along the same lines but better. When I eventually lose weight & get fit!!! I want to go on a trip around America & visit loads them places - obviously I will then be able to work off what I eat.......... We all dreammmmmm..

I have been biting the skin around my thumbs, which is horrible because I have not bitten my nails for more than a year now & take pride in my finger nails. They are lovely & strong & I paint them numerous times throughout the week.

Lets hope this diet doesnt play havoc with them.

Beaut x.

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I used to have long nails! Now....I don't!! ARGHHH! xxx


Goodbye Tum
I'm just hankering after a big lump of meat so not worried about the bread or cheese or fatty stuff, just want some nice barbque chicken or ribs ha ha I can wait till I'm at goal and it won't hurt a bit then xx