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Strapless Bras....Eek!

Hello all. I need help!

I'm being a bridesmaid in August for my best friend's wedding which is hugely exciting! :party0011:

however, she's got me wearing a strapless dress. :eek:I am rather well endowed up top and even though I WILL be at target by then, (and therefore about 11lbs lighter than i am now) I think I'll still be at least an E cup, although I think a 34 band size.

The lovely ladies at the dress fitting shop assured me that plenty of more well endowed ladies pull off a strapless dress with no bother, but frankly i'm scared.

I need some serious, reinforced, hydrolic action, scaffolded underwear to hold those bad boys up. There is a dress fitting coming up (possibly march, waiting to hear) and the ladies told me I must wear the underwear I plan to wear on the big day when we have the fitting so that they can do any final adjustments. (so of course i'm also putting loads of pressure on myself to get to target for this bloomin' fitting! but that's another story)

So, does anyone know of any good brands or makes of bra/corset/basque/straight jacket that'll hold me up? And be comfortable for the day?

Thanks in anticipation!!! xxx :banana dancer: (i've been so looking for an excuse to use that crazy banana booby smilie! yay!)
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If its a well fitting dress then that's the best start!

Im a 34 FF.. i wore the wonderbra strapless dress that feels like little hands holding your boobs up! lol cost £30 in john lewis if i recall properly. It did me well and iv worn it plenty of times. The only thing i'd say is the band has an odd lining too it that can stick to you if you get too hot.. so no rushing around. But it held me in place and gave me a nice shape none the less.

(if you look at the picture closley youl see what i mean about the little hands!- its got a strong padding that pushes you in and up thats shape to curve round your boobs like hands!)

See the new Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless - Bras sizes, colours & features: Wonderbra
Hey thanks Fern, i'm off to look into that now! xxx
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I was looking for something like that, but this only goes up to F. I need 32FF. Oh well. Just ahve to lose some damn flesh from my chest!

Really? Double F? I could only find an F too. And I've only gone and ruddy ordered one off ebay! I know I should really go into a shop and actually try one on, but hey ho. It'll go back on ebay if it doesn't fit.

But like you say, mumtheshopper, i'm going to lose 11 more lbs and surely SOME of that'll come of the old breasticles.

Thanks again Fern, i'll add photos when i've got it all!
(not of just the bra, don't panic! but of the dress with the bra!)
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To be honest Petal, if you've not been measured, then I really would. If it is strapless, it is even more important that it fits properly. I treat bras like kids shoes. I go and get measured and sorted for almost every one. And I'm an underwear fiend. I have 2 drawers laid out perfectly with bras, each one ith at least one pair of amtching knickers. Underwear and books are my favourite things and where ant debts I have have been spent.



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I find La Senzas multi way bras are a bargin. Try to make it to a shop if you can as the ladies can advise you better but otherwise you can buy online.


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i've in search atm of one myself and liking the look of the rigby and peller.... so pretty
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Never go to la senza for bra's if your a big busted lady!!! lol never ever worth it, not even for one day. I tried strapless bras there. I think we just have to accpet the fact big boobs=expensive!

totally agree about being measured for every bra though. Differents cuts and shape and brands are all different. xxx
Rigby and Peller and the most amazing bra people out there!!!

The staff can look at you and KNOW your size from just looking at you!!!! Remarkable.,,,,,

Enjoy shopping xxx


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I have a strapless bra (multiway) by Wonderbra and I think its a 34F, and believe me nowt moves an inch in this puppy! It is thick strong n stretchy, it has rubbery grips all over, moulded cups and the straps have metal hooks as opposed to those stupid plastic break the first time you use it type hooks. Definately my first choice of strapless bra, but I do like to give my skin a good scratch after I take it off cos its such a relief (no pain no gain and all that!)

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im completely in the same situation my sisters wedding is october, dress fittings in march but she has looked at one Dessy dress that has chifony straps so i might be able to get away with bra straps, fingers crossed. I remember seeing something about these invisable sticker like things that hold your boobs up cnt remember where i seen them tho, they might be dodgy too, sorry i couldnt be any help xx
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I am so buying one of those wonderbras, thanks Fern xx
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Have a look at the Bravissimo website. When I was thinking about a strapless dress for a wedding I went to last year they had strapless bras that went up to a H cup (and possibly above but I was a H at the time).
If you are anywhere near London - go to rigby and peller - Knightsbridge. Not as expensive as you might think. They have very experienced sales consultants, you literally have to strip all your top clothing off and they go through various styles to suit you, give you the look you wish for. I bought two bras from there about 5 years ago, and they are still going strong. I think I paid £35 each for them. Well worth the investment, and they fit perfectly. Once I get nearer target, I am going to treat myself to some good bras again. Good Luck

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