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Streach Marks


Playing the Angel
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Hello all

I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for creams/oils that really work on streach marks. I have them on my boobs, thighs and tummy, and as much as I am looking forward to being slim and healthy, they really are not pretty and I would like to know if there is anything I could do now to improve the situation?

Jez :confused:
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no ,sorry - let me know if you find a cure, mine are horrendous!!!
daisy x


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Yup Bio oil and time and a little forgivness to your poor abused skin!


Playing the Angel
S: 14st3lb C: 8st7lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 20.4 Loss: 5st10lb(40.2%)
Thanks lovely ladies, I will rush off and buy some asap, atm just been using a lovely body butter!!!



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I'll third the bio-oil... and it smells yummy!


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I've been using pure coconut oil... though essentially I guess it's the same as bio-oil... and to be fair, my stretchmarks are more like wrinkles nowdays, so the oil won't really do much. The oil only really reduces the redness/puffiness.... not smoothes it out. ... meh. I like playing with my wrinkly arms, it's quite fun. :D
I used to use bio oil but I'm like Minerva and am just wrinkly in odd places now!
Unfortunately stretch marks are permanent scarring and you'll never have the flawless skin of a teenager where you have them. It's the price we pay for weight gain but you have to try not to let it bother you.
Most of us on here have stretch marks and I'm not speaking for everyone but I think i'd rather have to put up with them rather than put up with being a size 28.
You'll learn to either love or just ignore them in time. And exercise definitely helps to firm up the saggy skin. 6 months after reaching goal there's a significant improvement in my saggy bits!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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I think it is alwasy OBVIOUS we would all rather not be 20 stone, etc., and that loose skin and stretch marks are hardly as big a problem.

But that does NOT negate that they are still upsetting for some.

Its not rocket science - of COURSE they are better then fat. But why not try and come out of this the very best we can be!

Sorry - but that always annoys me a bit. PErsonally, I always find that kind of remark a bit hurtful and insensitive. Maybe its just me. But it comes off to me like telling someone to "quit whinging". I know thats not the intent...but to me, thats how it comes off. I wasted half my life fat, unable to wear skimpy sexy clothes, and was SO looking forard to it. Now I find I can;t. It is dissppointing.

YEs, I am much happier 10 stone lighter. Does that mean I have to love the wobbly excess skin that hangs places I wish it didn;t - that still leaves me slighlty unhappy as it serves as a constant reminder of the abuse I put my body through?? (Speaking for myself here of course). I'm glad Minerve likes her crepey skin. I hate mine. Its very upsetting to me. I want BOTH, slimness and healthy skin. I know I won;t have both, and yes, one is better then none. BUt it still is upsetting.

Bio Oil WILL reduce the redness and scars and that is better then nothing.

If it bothers you, try it. At least you did what you could do.
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...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
I was only trying to be humorous on the subject... Of course it is upsetting in many ways that I can't wear skimpy bikini's because my stomach and arms look awful - but at the end of the day; I can't do much about how it looks. Why get so wound up and upset over something I can't physically change?... I just have to accept it, and try to learn to love what I have... because I don't want to cover up for the rest of my life. I've been covering up far too long. Been self-conscious too long. Gone to the point of near-self destruction because I hated things about myself. I don't want to ever go back to that place again.

I do understand that people get upset over loose skin, and stretchmarks... But every little helps to reduce effects.. Rachel has found toning really helps with her loose skin, and many have found bio-oil to be a blessing. There are options. In extreme cases there is surgery as I do understand how it can cause serious psychological issues if one gets overwhelmed. I nearly ended up that way... well nearly. ... I am convincing myself I LIKE 'me' mentally so that my repulsion with myself goes away. Because deep down I am very repulsed.

I just have to think about it objectively though. Nearly all of the public out there on the street has some degree of stretchmarks/skin issues/inflammations that they are ashamed of. It's natural, so I figure no one's going to actually ever point at my loose skin and say 'Oh My God, THAT'S SICK!!' because ... well it's just not going to happen. Because everyone has it. To tell you the truth, most people wouldn't even blink an eyelid if I don't notice it myself.

I've tried Bio Oil and exercise, and I'm hoping that time will help.
BUT in the mag with the news of the world yesterday they were testing lots of potions to beat cellulite, lift boobs - the normal miracle potions.
Try fabulousmag.co.uk then click bikini body and read the article. They had about 8 testers on various area of the body and various price ranges, mainly expensive.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Yeah, Min - you're right - I'm sorry, I didn;t mean to upset you by what I said and it really wasn't directed at your or rachel or anyone specifically.

It is something I am Extremely sensitive about - but thats my problem. It just sometimes riles me up - especially if I am posting before having morning coffee - I shouldn't be allowed really. :)

For me, I know part of it is because ny husband is 10 years younger then me :)D), and since losing all the weight, my body looks 10years oldr then it did when I was fat, skin wise ! So now thats a difference of TWENTY years! So I am super-sensitive and self consious about it. He doesn't make me feel that way - I do.

I just think its such an obvious statement when people say "its better to have loose skin then excess weight" - it is. It almost feels patronising, though I am sure that is never anyones intent. But its not too much to wish for restoration of our skin, and I know you know that. It wasn't a go at you. And I like your humour and I think your attitude about it is great - I wish mine was more like that.

There are all sorts of things for me attached to those thoughts, and I do need to continue to address them, and definitely GET OVER IT - but so far, I have not been able to - it only depresses me when I see it. I feel like my poor husband has a granny for a wife from the neck down.

I'm sorry if I upset you - I didn't mean to. And to be clear, its not a go at *anyone* - it was just my insecurity flaring itself up early in the morning without my stopping to think clearly.

I can completely understand where you're coming from BL. My comments may seem somewhat flippant but I guess it's my way of coping with my horrible bits.

I'm 32 (next week) and have done irreversible damage to my body in my 20s. I've been miserable for years about it and have lost weight now. So I could be miserable about my stretch marks and saggy skin. But that'd mean me being miserable the rest of my life.

I know it's different for everyone but I guess I've resigned myself to the fact I'm not going to be perfect. But that doesn't mean I'm not gorgeous and sexy. I'm going on holiday in two weeks and will be wearing a bikini. Losing weight has given me the confidence to expose myself (don't worry, I won't be on the nudist beach!). I'm by no means what I was when I was 20 and coming to terms with this has been part f my journey. But I could spend the rest of my life trying to achieve the impossible which would be a waste of my life.

Being fit, healthy and confident is what's sexy and appealing as far as I'm concerned. Having a stomach that my grandmother would be ashamed of is horrible but I can live with it. Possibly get surgery in the future, I don't know.

Of course I'd rather have the skin I had before I piled on weight but striving for the impossible isn't conducive to me being a happy person.

I have my moments when it makes me sad to look at the damage I've done to myself (saggy bum, stomach,thighs, boobs, arms etc) but I can run. I can fit into size 10 jeans. And I can walk with my head held high again.

Just as with all these things, it takes time to adjust. We just need to reconginse how far we've come and the amazing things we've achieved along the way xxx


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Bio oil will moisturise and in time your stretch marks will become less inflammed and fiery.They will not go away,but fade in time.Some people think a good cheap moisturiser is Superdrug Vitamin E, which is about 2 quid for a big tub.I have started using it as I find the bio-oil doesn't go a long way.Its obviously not got the same properties ,but at that price its worth a shot.
My body does not look good after 10 years of obesity and four pregnancies :(.As I lose weight its starting to look a bit scary,however it has been far from perfect for a while.However each to their own regarding the surgery/acceptance debate I think no one is right or wrong,its up to the individual.
BL-Younger man eh? You are a dark horse xx


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I'm afraid, like BL, I will do anything to avoid having loose skin, I don't like it either. I got very stretchmarky when I was a teenager, so when I was pregnant I used Bio oil and got one (new) stretchmark right at the end so i've been doing the same this time. I haven't noticed any new ones and I have a bath in Bio oil every day and rub it into the vulnerable areas every couple of days, I think that's enough - the bottles are pricey, but you can get it cheaper on t'internet if you buy in bulk.

well done on your weightloss, it is fab, but know where you are coming from about not being the best you could be - I still have bad overhang and would LOVE to get rid of that.
yes, the 'overhang' look is very sexy isn't it? I haven't even had any kids though!

I have a bath in bio oil too. It makes my skin feel so soft and I do think it makes a big difference to the prominence of the scars.

It's been six months since getting to goal now and the more exercise I do, the more my skin is firming up. I think they say give it 12 months and you'll get an idea of what your skin wants to do. Hopefully mine will look like Julia Roberts in her bikini! (did anyone see the pics of her with her stretch marks on show on the beach?) good on her, especially after having twins and having so many people in Hollywood expecting perfection.


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Well done on 6 months at goal, Rachel :D I've heard swimming is good for toning so I'll try and get into that more soon. Shame it'll ruin my hair, but hey, can't have it all! I had overhang before I had my little girl, but it's much more saggy now. hopefully at some point it'll get better. I haven't seen the photos of JR, I'll go google and see.
I think of all the exercise I do, swimming is what's helped my skin the most.
It's gym rules we have to waer swimming caps so don't have to worry about my hair...or looking stupid, because everyone does!!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks Rachel. I loved your post. It is justhow I feel too, only I am still working on trying to be positive. I do try, but as you say, it just makes me sad- its a reminder of some really horrible times of my life, and I don;t like looking at it. BUt I am working on it.

I agree, swimming is great - I haven;t been for some time due to all my job hopping, but hope to get back to it. I love it cause you use every muscle. It also has huge benefits for my chronic pain issues.

<<<<hugs.>>>> Thank you. xxx

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