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Stress, kids, food, drink & failing

my minds been so full of thoughts for the past 48hrs, I feel like my heads going to explode!!!!! Not in a bad way! So dont panic, so I thought I'd pop in & discuss if poss....
I have been reading, thinking & trying to work out why I fail, or appear to have this battle with food in my life & I've come to this conclusion.
The reality is that I'm on my own at the mo with 2 kids, when I get stresses (I work full time thus juggling becomes middle name) & strains I turn to food, drink & end up fatter & more miserable! The key is the questions I need to ask myself before I actually go to eat, drink or physically buy is isnt it!
If I'm having a crap day - so what yesterday want as bad & tomroow could be better? I dont mean in the eating world I'm talking just an average everyday day??????
I've often felt, what a mess I've made of my life, should have done better, why did he hit me? Was it my fault! Simple fact is no to all of these. Is my life really a mess compared to the rest of the world - I think not! Have I failed my kids, not at all I love them they love me, my marriage is in tatters but it want me that spent all my spare time with 'mates' down the pub - oh then beat me up so badly I had fractures, cuts black eyes etc etc, he did that not me!
So, I've decided that my comfort layer of fat, is partly to keep him away - he'll leave me alone if I'm fat. I dont want to meet anyone else so if I'll stay in & eat my way to happiness. But this isnt working either. I do want to go out, look nice and have fun for me - is that so bad - not really.
I'm doing this for me, yes I am. I am also doing so my mum can see that I have embraced life & am enjoying it rather than exisiting in it, I'm doing it to inspire my best friend so that she loses weight too & I'm doing it so that I am a happy Mum who smiles, takes them out, goes out, looks nice!
Thanks xxxxxxxxxx
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What a brave post - thank you TW. Go for it ... do this journey and see the 'new you' emerge.

As for your violent ex ... surviving and succeeding are the best forms of revenge!
youve obviously had some tough things to deal with Tinkle and you are still standing ready to fight another day.

You will succeed with your diet. You sound very motivated and you are doing it for all the right reasons.

You will be happy again too, and your kids will love you all the more for wanting to be the kind of mum that spends time with them and participates in what they want to do.

I'm not sure if this 'switch' that's clicked on in my head happens often but its like something happened overnight! I cant actually explain the sensations other than this list, which is brief:

butterflies - excited ones in my tummy...

I WANT to smile...

I feel the need to give advice....

I was able to explain to my 8yr old some the effect his behaviour has
on me & why its important for me to lose weight....

I SEE a future

I see me at a club with my friends dancing - I'm NOT fat

I am taking kids swimming - oh in a bikini!!!

I can see these things and the more I see them the more excited I am feeling. Its the most fantastic feeling I have had, in a long long time!

It's like - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(er is this normal - I am a little concerned that someone's spiking my water :eek::eek::eek::eek:)


Tinkle, you are on your own, caring for your kids & working, you've shown your strength by leaving a bad relationship, BRAVO!! A new life, a healthy & happy life is now beginning, look forward! You're doing so well, it certainly won't hurt any of us to look into WHY we eat, it's going to help once we have to deal with eating regular food again. Good luck! Though with this atttude luck isn't something you need at all, you have the strength which is what does it.xxxxx
.......... I'm sat at work with one girl who's got a face like a slapped arse! Totally selfish & today - I couldnt give a hoot! Now 'normally' I'd allow her to dump all her emotional problems, boyfriends what to weat next on me - but not today! :D:D:D:D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Good on you Tinkle Winkle!!

It's fantastic to see that you have had a complete change of mood. You are right, you are a good Mum, you love your Kids; they love you.
You will never be alone here.

Take care and long may the fantastic mood continue!!!


Gold Member
Wow. Inspiring stuff Tinkle. It is all an attitude of mind though, isn't it? You can take a positive or a negative attitidue at the beginning of the day and that is generally how the day turns out.

You are sounding so positive, it is because you are in control of you and you are totally empowered by that. Bravo, you are an absolute star!

Carry on with all this good stuff and you will be that gorgeous girl, enjoying her life and your ex won't even recognise you anymore - other than to realise how totally out of your league he is!

Well done and keep up this fantastic attitude, you've done us all good this morning!

They say surround yourself with positive people & those that want to achieve the same things as you & its inspiring- so if I help even someone for an hour then I think todays been worth surviving on the plan - for me anyway especially as I've read lots of fantastic achievements & want to be part of them xxx


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Twinkle you are doing fantastic, and getting your life on track sounds so positive, you have had a lot to deal with and now it is time to look after yourself, which you are doing... you are a yummy mummy and I think you should post some photies!!

Keep up the good work..


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