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Stressing out!!!!!!!!


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I have weigh in tonight and am already stressing out!!!!! Basically I have every other Tuesday off school as I am part time (I work 7 out of 10 days). The Tuesdays when I am at work I usually arrive to w.i. late which is annoying as I have to wait til the end to weigh. But even then in some ways that's better as the Tuesdays when I'm off work I spend the day stressing out... Like today!!!

What's worse though is that tomorrow I'm being observed teaching year 8, last period (!) by my Head of Department and NQT Induction Mentor!

I hate being observed enough as it is but last period and with TWO people! :sigh:

I've only half planned the lesson too as I keep putting it off - instead I've planned loads of Christmas lessons for next week - fun but not really that important!!

HO HUM! Anyway! If anyone has any calming words or suggestions do please let me know!!!! :(
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hi julesmorris well done losing 2lb and good luck tomorrow :)


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WOOOP! Hello again! Just wanted to share my good news!

The lesson went really well, the kids were SOOOO well behaved - almost TOO well behaved - the first 15 mins of the lesson was like teaching a pack of church mice (I think having three teachers in the room threw them a bit). But not only that, they did me proud, putting their hands up and answering questions and generally making me look like an ace teacher!

The teachers who observed me said my lesson was "good with outstanding features". My Head of Department said she really enjoyed the lesson and would be stealing my ideas and she said to me at the end "I'm really pleased we gave you the job". AMAZING!

ALSO I was quite flattered today as one of my year 9 pupils came up to me at break and said "Miss, are you teaching GCSE French next year? I only want to do GCSE French if you are the teacher as I learn loads with you and enjoy your lessons". I nearly fell off my perch (getting a compliment off a year 9 boy is like getting blood out of a stone!)


Slimming World
Oh yes definitely! Even when they just say "hi miss" in the corridor to me in front of their mates I feel special so a compliment goes a long way.

Last year when I was training, on one of my placements I had the most horrible year 8 class- second to bottom set, all boys, all special education needs, a lot of behaviour problems. They just wouldn't listen to me, I couldn't teach them! Then in my last week at the school one of them brought me a Christmas card. I was so chuffed! It made it all worth it!
well done i'm pleased it went so well for u see u worried for nothing :happy096:

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