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Stressing Out

This will seem really silly when I write it down but over the last 5 weeks my boyfriend has had a foot injury which has left him unable to walk properly during this time, in constant pain and we haven't had much help from health professionals so it's been really stressful.

I've been to all his appointments with him for support and driven him to various hospitals etc because I want him to get the help he needs and I hate seeing him in so much pain. Today we went to a therapist together and i had the morning off work but he's been called for his X-ray and I can't get the afternoon off work to go. I was crying at home because it hurts me so much that he has to go alone, even though he's reassured me that for him, knowing I want to be there is enough and that he'll be ok, I'm still so upset that I can't be there with him for support. I feel if it was a colleagues husband or boyfriend they would have been given the time and it hurts me deeply that I can't be there for him.
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He'll be ok. It's only an x-ray!

The main thing is that you're providing emotional support to him.


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He's a big boy hun, am sure he can look after himself eh. It's nice for him to know how supportive you are of him though but he's already said he'll be fine so try not to get too upset, as someone above said, it's only an xray, it will take a couple of seconds, he'll just have to wait in the waiting room by himself but after that he'll be in and out and back home before you know it. Xrays are reeeeally simple and not painful, like having your picture taken, that's all.


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I think it's lovely that you want to be there, I cant comment on your work as i dont know the circumstances but im sure he means it when he says your support is enough. Afteral if they wont let you have it off there is nothing else that you can do, you tried and that's the main thing.
I know it's only an X-ray, I thought it would seem like I was being silly; I'm an overly emotional person sometimes.
Nothing wrong with being overly emotional. Beats being a cold fish anyday.

hugs from another overly emotional person.
It depends what they're looking for, although the person taking the x-rays won't tell him anything as it's not their job to diagnose. They usually get passed to whichever the relevant department or doctor is.

I've been up there before to check for a break, and they just sent me back to a doctor to say there was nothing wrong, and then be sent off, but then I think that was different as I came via A&E.
Yeah he's been told to wait a week for the results to go back to his GP. One of the things they were looking for was a break, just yet another waiting game now til next week.


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Aww I think its lovely that you want to be so supportive, so don't worry about that. When I had a scan I had to wait for about a week and went to my doctors to get the results.

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