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Stretch marks

Okay, right now, I have a load of stretch marks like all over my body (my shoulders, thighs, tummy just to name a few). I know you can't completely get rid of stretch marks and that they'll only fade if anything and you can get bio oil and cocoa butter and stuff but I was wondering, if I was to lose weight and also tone up (not too quickly that is but steady weight loss), will this make the stretch marks less visible? They're the white mature ones by the way. And my natural skin colour is like a beigey light light brown, so although they're not that visible, the ones on certain areas like my tummy are quite visible.

Has anyone who is at goal and has been in a similar position been able to eliminate the stretch mark problem by getting them to fade or any other means?

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Sorry I can't help as I certainly haven't lessened the appearance of mine , some even 'puckered up'.... except those on stomach of course eradicated when I had TT
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Is there something surgical or whatever that can be done? I am just about to start losing weight and I know I'll end up with loads so I'd rather start saving for something


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id say try vitamin E oil and see if that helps


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I was fairly happy with my mummy tummy until i lost weight. At my heaviest i was around 16st 7 but now im 15st ish it looks r8 bad! god knows what its gunna be like when i get to goal!!:mad:
I watched a programme, i think it was channel 4s embarrassing bodies with a teenager with badddddddd marks, i think there was a surgical solution. My stretch marks actually really hurt so I amgoing to docs on friday, if they hurt now they will hurt when im skinny so maybe id be eligble for the stuff they do, think its laser treatment or something
i have stretch marks...

i started weight lifting when i was 11, so i still have stretch marks on my biceps.

but recently my tommy has gotten bigger and i have stretch marks there for fat reasons lol. i cant believe it, there are people much fatter than me with no stretch marks. and the ones on my stomach are like thunder shapes lol.
I got mine straight after puberity which sucks coz i wasnt big just my hips grew so rapidly my body couldnt cope. Im using something called Labo stretch marks its a cream which you put on with a needle thing it doesnt actually go into the skin its layered on top. Ive been using it for 3 weeks and it seems its making them become red which im hoping its a good sign however its quite expensive over 100 euro and it doesnt last long at all. Still unsure if its actually gonna work so im just hoping it will.
hi, bio oil is v expensive, poundland does their own version (for a pound suprisingly!) which is just the same. I gave birth to my second 10lb baby 4 weeks ago and my stomach is a train wreck, but after applying it for a few weeks they already seem to be improving. The trick with stretch marks is not to let the skin dry out, Moisture is the key to keeping them at bay, and making them get better. It doesnt have to be a bio oil or similiar, just lashing of baby oil aftfer every bath/sower and plenty of cream once you dry off. it worked with my first baby and hope it works again.
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Hey. I know stretch marks can't be removed totally just the appearance reduced which is all i want tbh. I have them everywhere: stomach, arms, some on thighs etc. I bought the bio oil and pure vitamin e oil recently so have started using that. No difference so far, but it's only been a few days. Just wondering if anyone has seen a difference with bio oil and how many weeks in have you seen that difference?
I am going to try Decleor Aromessence Sculpt & System Corps they have a video on the QVC website. It says it helps the appearance of silver stretch marks.

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Stretch marks.....

I have always used coco butter. I get in a stick form from the bodyshop or buy the moisturiser in liquid form. Ive been using it for years and it seems to do the job, i've recently gained a few more so have to invest in it again.

I'm not sure how other products work as i have only ever used coco butter :) x
I've been using coco butter and aloe vera cream and they have helped reduce my strech marks, also time helps. I've had strech marks for 8 years now and alot of them are hardly visible. For me aloe vera cream has worked the best :)

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