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stretch marks :(

Just any body cream will help. As you massage the stretch marks, you help blood flow. Unfortunately stretch marks dont disappear, but they do fade.
I am never going to be a bikini babe, an emergency c-section and a gastric band has seen to that, but I do use a body cream to help. Get OH to do it for you if you have one and turn it into a massage!!!
Take care

they dont go BUT they do fade. i find a good firming cream helps also. as you lose the weight make sure you look after your skin. i find garnier firming lotion good although i generally use a good moisturiser like coco butter as well because my skin is dry at the best of times and sometimes the garnier can dry it out. just keep looking after your skin and slowly they will fade. sometime if i neglect my skin for a few weeks they can appear quite red so dont worry, theyll go down. x
Bio oil is fab!! So is anything garnier imo :p

I don't rub the bio oil on though, as I find it way to greasy and doesn't soak in fast enough for me. Best idea is to put it in the bath - it gets all over then and soaks in more as your skin is all 'open' anyway :)

I had/have icky scars/marks on my upper arms..and when I use the oil in the bath..the marks don't go but they aren't red anymore...

Worth a try right, as I'm guessing you already have a bottle :)
Coco butter is what worked for me. It took a while to become noticable, but once it did it really made a difference.
Coco butter is what worked for me. It took a while to become noticable, but once it did it really made a difference.
There's a Palmers one which is supposed to be great!
And yea, it takes what seems forever for it to take any effect, but have you noticed that the minute you stop using something, they ping right back in what feels like nano-seconds?? o_O


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I got stretchmarks basically everywhere. I read on a Dutch health website that most creams are no good because they do not penetrate the upper skin layer. Aloë vera, emu oil and some other things do penetrate the skinlayers and have collagen, vit. E and stuff in it.

I think it's important to keep it smooth and raise the elasticity.. they won't ever go away... they'll just get lighter. But hey, lighter is okay :)

Try whichever product works for you, some work for certain people and not for you which is okay. I've tried a lot and so far only an aloë vera / alge-sea minerals body scrub works to really make them fade faster.

Good luck,

Not for me... but then, I'm pretty young, so that probably makes a difference.
Ahh I'm young too! *sob* It's more marks on my arms that appear instantly when I don't put nice things on them! :)
^How young? x) I'm fifteen.

I don't have any on my arms. It's mostly my stomach/thighs.
Haha...18 :p I dunno how they happened but I have weird scars on my arms...and they always go away when I use nice things though :)
^I have weird bump/marks on my arms, which a lot of teenagers seem to have. Apparently if your skin is really dry, or if you scratch them or something, it can scar.


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bio oil is good but onece the skin is stretches you always have the marks but time tends to heal the colour and bring back some of the elasticity, i had horrible ones when i got boobs when i was younger i still have the little silver slivers but there barely noticeable i'm hoping the ones on my belly will fade too
i scar everywhere and had the bright red stretch marks - the best thing for me is palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks - they have a concentrated on in tbe. No longer bright red and a lot lighter, but i scar for life. but ensure that you moisturise EVERYWHERE as you lose weight as since using this principle no new ones have come out. This helps as youre massaging yourself too which helps- you can use any old cream everywhere or any firming cream/ lotion - but palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks is the bext ive tried - bio oil didnt help with the scars and marks unfortunately for my skin type. I have those bumps on arms too as someone mentioned above. Not sure if this helped but be patient. took almost a year for me as i continued to lose weight to see a difference.

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