Stretch Marks :(


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So ive just started my lighterlife journey (2nd week :D) but i have horrendous stretch marks on my stomach some are like 1-2centimeters wide and 2 - 3 inches long on both sides of my stomach :cry:
Ive started taking omega oil extra strength (hair nail and skin, brain and joints) and putting cocoa butter stretch mark tummy butter every morning and night :) Is there ANYTHING else I cant do??
Rachiie -ox-
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My friend uses bio oil on her stretch marks and it works really well to fade them!

B x

PS: 12lb already!! Well done you!!


They will fade with time as well, they really will.
When I first gained a lot of weight quickly on my stomach, about 4 years ago, I ended up with stretch marks spread all over my stomach and hips, really dark ones and about the size you;ve said your are.

Now, you can barely notice them, unless you look real close, and even then they only look like little scars, not horrible marks.

Using the oils/creams etc. will probably help too, but time is the ebst healer in this case :) Hopefully yours will fade quicker as your skin won't be stretched any more too!


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my strecth marks aren't red any more as I've had them for so many years but unfortunately there is permanent scarring (which is effectively what they are) I have them on my stomach, boobs, legs, arms, bum...pretty much everywhere. But do you know what, I feel sexier and more confident about my body now than ever before.

Yes I've got a freaky stomach but it didn't stop me wearing a bikini on the beach this summer. Yes I've not got the stomach of an 18 year old. But I'm not 18 any more!

It's frustrating that the legacy of weight gain is always going to be with us but try not to get too worried about it. Focus on the positive losing weight, and your confidence will soar and the stretch marks won't really matter any more.

Don't forget, the pics in magazines are all airbrushed. Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie etc all have stretch marks. The woman with the best body at the gym even has them. Trust me, nobody's perfect.

Bio oil is good for fading the marks though (I get it in bulk online as it works out cheaper) Plus exercise will help your skin to firm up.

Focus on what a great thing your doing losing weight and not the possible negatives when you're slim. It's all good!!


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Try bio-oil but for the meantime a tan makes them look less noticable so maybe use a daily tan moisturiser to help you feel better, this is what I do and mine are horrendous after 3 kids xXx