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Stretch Marks

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Hi I'm just wondering if anyone could recomend a good cream/lotion/treatment for stretch marks. I have them on my lower tummy and they are from weight gain, they are really red and Ive had them for about a year :cry:I realise I will probably always have them now but really want them to fade! any suggestions?? Also I am losing weight and worried about crepe, saggy skin in the same area. So any recomendations on a firming cream would also be appreciated. I am currently using bio-oil on the stretch marks and l'oreal sculp up at an attemp of firming!!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Carrie- ann
you will find a lot of threads abotu this on here and know you are not alone. What is important is that you moisturise every day especially as you lose more. Some people swear by bio oil, but Palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks reduced mines from bright red to brown and some have become silvery as they will remain like that.
in relation to your further weight loss from my own experience any firming cream is good and maybe try and incorporate dry body brushing and a weekly detox scrub. A bit of pampering is also needed in the gruelling process of weight loss and plenty of water (I just wish i could stick to my own advice re all the above as I know it works).
Hope thats helps
s x
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I use Daniéle Ryman's "Phytoslender" range, mainly the Day and Night contouring capsules and the Shower Scrub. It's mainly used to combat cellulite, but I found it works wonders on stretchmarks as well as firming your skin, making it nice and soft and smelling delicious.
I think Boots stock most of the items in the range.
Hope this helps! :)
i used Barmon Strech Mark cream twice a day. once in the morning and then again in the evening. Although pregnancy is one of the major causes for stretch marks in women, girls and boys going through puberty are also prone to developing stretch marks, due to growth spurts and rapid changes in weight. While using the cream your skin will feel strong and supple. The cream helps rejuvenate the skin so you have will have healthy, younger looking skin.


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Friend also used Barmon Stretch mark cream.
(Just browsing the posts for inspiration, just about to start the Lighterlife programme, end of month.)


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I think bio oil is okay but Palmers cocoa butter is just as effective and cheaper. The one with the added olive oil is especially good.


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hey this might be a bit late, but the best thing for stretch marks i've found is either cocobutter oil - vaseline does a gel type thing thats good - or dove intensive care for extra dry skin - i know its not for stretch marks, but its awesome. oh and drink plenty of water. ive been using the dove cream and drinking water and a lot of my red stretch marks on my stomach have pretty much disappeared!
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Ive heard alot of good things about bio oil being good for stretch marks, I think I may have to invest too! :)
I use dermamum stretchmark cream from boots really helped to get mine flat and pale. It's thick like e45 texture. Really helped as I had fresh and old ones

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Another vote here too for Palmers Cocoa Butter. I'm a late convert to it but I love it. Although its very rich it sinks into the skin very well so you're not waiting around for ages before getting dressed.
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So happy I found this thread will def pick up the coco butter one. How often do you use it?
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Lavender essential oil is also meant to help fade stretch marks, although I haven't tried it yet x
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Bio oil really didn't work for me, but I love the smell of Palmers Cocoa Butter! Not sure if it's doing anything for my stretch marks though...


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I use bio oil twice a day. Just a hint through - you can get it a lot cheaper on Amazon compared to the prices in Boots. I also tried the new Johnsons stretch mark oil (called something like skin perfecting oil) which I really liked but the bottle was quite small and i used it up really quickly - it was £9.95 for the bottle which I thought was a bit pricey.

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