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Struggled a little bit today

Day 4 done and dusted, but it's been the hardest day yet. Have sailed through so far and feeling great, but really had to stop myself from eating today. Manage a shop so temptation all around me.
Didn't feel hungry at all, but just kept thinking about food. Started to feel really cold today so hopefully its the start of ketosis.
Just got to keep focused now. The food thing is all in my head, can't believe how often I used to eat just because it was habit. Hopefully a few months on LT will retrain me into better eating habits once I come off it!
Hope everyone else had a good day:)
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Here we go again!
Don't worry, we all get days like this and especially in the first week. Well done for getting through it and sticking with LT. That's a big hurdle.

Sounds as though ketosis is coming to get you too!

I think most of us on this thinks about food a lot but in a good way. We all realise how much we used to eat just because of habit and not because we were hungry. I can't remember the last time I was really hungry. I was never empty enough to get hungry!!

Keep going now, you're doing great and that first weigh in is just around the corner, I bet it will be a great one!
Hey there Glam...

I hear ya! Day 5 done for me... and it is tough. But - not because I'm hungry... Kinda guilty? (angry!)about realising how complicit I was in eating. I feel full - but - it's the little things that I wasn't ready for. The smell of cooking / meals. The TV!!! ads... But - hang in there. Is your WI on Saturdays? Mine is this Friday and I've convinced I won't have lost, lol! It's a mental thing... I'm sure you'll hang in there!



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hey well done for getting through 4 days.......sure sounds like the ketosis fairy is on her way.....be strong and you will be amazed by your weight loss ........good luck hun xx
Well, well done for keeping on going. I find that trying to just take it a day at a time makes it easier. Before you know it - you'll be looking back and three weeks have gone by!
In terms of food, you know what, I broke my diet a couple of days ago, firmly back on the wagon now though because I realised something - despite thinking so much about food on this diet, and feeling so deprived, when I did break it...not only did I feel so disappointed, but far more importantly I didn't enjoy the food. It had no taste, even though my family are good cooks; it was completely bland and unsatisfying. No matter what you eat whether it be healthy or junk, eating it is not the same as before starting this diet.
I resolved that from then on, no matter how close I came to cracking, I would remember that it wouldn't make me feel better and it wouldn't taste good. I think it's because on starting this, you have actively decided to better your life and you're doing this for yourself. There is nothing as so empowering when that happens, and that's what we must remember. You're doing this for yourself, Glam Rock Chick! You are going to be absolutely fantastic when this is over!! A whole new chapter of your life will start. I can't wait, can you?
Love, Lily xxx
Hi guys, thanks for all the support and advice! Big hugs to you all. Today has been much better, especially as someone has noticed I have lost weight :bliss:
I can really see it myself as well, so very motivated at the moment.
Weigh in tomorrow (only 6 days but can't get time off work very easily. 2nd weigh in next Monday then will do Mondays from then on as usually have the day off).
Still can't believe that I haven't been hungry, although I still catch myself thinking about eating. So glad for this time on lipotrim to get my 'food issues' sorted out. I've been overweight for as long as I can remember, so I'm determined that this is the time to break the habit of eating when I'm bored, unhappy, happy, because its time for a cup of tea... basically eating just because I'm breathing!
Hope you all had a good day, will let you know about weigh in tomorrow :)


Here we go again!
Good luck for weigh in today Glam. Can't wait to read the result!

I'm just down the road from you in Penzance, just realised that!
Hi Mini, aren't we lucky to live in such a fantastic place?
Thanks for all the support, it really does help when everyone is so encouraging!
Lost 10lbs so over the moon, I never thought I could lose so much in just 6 days :D
Really beginning to enjoy this now, I think starting lipotrim has been one of the best things I have ever done ( except getting married and having my beautiful daughter! )
Hope all is well with you, you're doing great!


Here we go again!
Wow, well done you on the 10lbs, that's a great fantastic loss! Bet you are ready for week 2 now!

You're right, we do live in a great place especially when the sun's out like it has been. Hope it carries on for the weekend.

Keep up the good work, you're doing a proper job!