Strugglers soup.............


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I had struggled over the last few days to stay away from food and get back ssing. I found this soup useful for a day or two to break the food habit, clear me out - so to speak and get me used to liquid diet again........Its not my receipe.....I cogged it from another board.....the recipe for the soup is 1 head of cabbage - (sweetheart cabbage is very tasty but don't use an awful lot, a small head will do you) 1 bunch of celery 2 green peppers 6 onions 2 tins of tomato 3 cubes of OXO Vegetable stock 1.5 PINT of boiling water sea salt fresh ground pepper If you can use the freshest organic veg you can get your hands on all the better. chop the veg in to bite size pieces and put in a pot with salt and pepper. Dissolve the oxo stock in boiling water and pour over the veg and bring back to the boil. Once boiling add the tins of tomatoes and simmer. It takes about 10-20 mins depending on how much ingredients in the pot - remove from the heat once veg have started to soften, leave to stand. Put portions in to freezer bags or containers and freeze as soon as cool. defrost in the microwave. Really this is delicious. Don't add anything extra to the soup to "thicken it up" a friend of mine was always insisting on adding a carrot! don't! it really doesn't need it and it wont work in the same way. (ie, it will require calories to digest) Don't use meat stock or chicken etiher. Don't puree the soup. leave the chunks. It's better for your bowel to have the larger pieces to work on. Sorry if that's tmi. But for the roughage it's better to have chunks. especially the cabbage. You may notice you have smelly wind for the first couple of days but you will notice a huge improvement if you can keep with it and very importantly avoid meat - it's the meat going off in your bowel that contributes to bad smells!!! Happy souping xBettyboo
Hoping i wont need this recipe and i'll slip into ketosis easily this time - however, in the real world i'll probably know this recipe off by heart by the end of the week!!!