Struggling and considering changing diets Advice please!

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  1. happygal

    happygal Banned

    Hi Ya

    Im getting into the habit of having 3 shakes a day and some chicken. This isnt kicking me out of ketosis or anything and I condone it because my CDC wants me to have 4 shakes a day. I really cant afford to have 4 a day and figure that there is enough nutrients in the 3 a day plus the chicken.

    The problem is that Im not feeling as if my CDC is supporting me at all. She only ever wants to speak to me when Im buying shakes and even then its sparse. If I had my way I might switch to LL or LT and then at least I would have weekly weigh in. But my CDC dosent want to see me in between times.

    I have even considered just going back to weightwatchers because I cant lose anymore than 3 stone by this time next august because I really cant afford to buy another wedding dress. I also loved the support I got in weightwatchers.

    I think that I may of shown food who is boss sufficiently to stick to weightwatchers now as well. Especially since my appetitite has decreased loads.

    Anyways. Comments and advice are welcome!!
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  3. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Hiya Claire

    Ok my honest advice is to finish your weight loss and get to a healthy weight. If that means a new wedding dress then so be it.

    As far as your CDC is concerned then if you are not happy then just move to another one, there are millions of us now (well about 800) and hence there must be another one nearby. I would call 0800 161412 and ask for your local counsellors and give them a ring and see which one you click with the best.

    Also if you are over 5ft 8in which I assume that you are then you should either be on 4 packs straight or do a 790 approach with your 3 packs, small chicken/protein based meal and the milk which replaces the protein missing from the 4th pack.

    Anyway well down on losing the first 35 pounds and good luck on finishing the job.

  4. Soraya

    Soraya Silver Member

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    Hi, I have a very supportive CDC and if yours isn't then switch.

    Just one thing about appetite - yours is decreased becuase you're in ketosis. If you switch to WW, then you won't be and the appetite will be back.

    Iwould suggest losing the weight as early as possible and then enjoying the run up to the wedding slim and secure in the knowledge you will be slim on the big day and beyond. Otherwise you run the risk of still trying to lose closer to time.

    I think once you start losing with CD and you know you lose a stone a month, you forget how hard losing is - not all diets work this well!

    All the best whatever you decide.
  5. jason0411

    jason0411 Full Member

    Too right Soraya.
    Once you start adding the carbs and come out of ketosis then the hunger does return thats why the maintenance stage of this diet is so important.
    If you are coming off CD then I would come off by following each of the maintenance stages first then try something else.
  6. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I agree with everyone else. Find a new CDC but try to stick with this diet since you are doing so well. I think you might regret it if you don't.
  7. palmettofairy

    palmettofairy Full Member

    I dont have a cdc so I cant image what a bad one is like, but I do know that support is really just a minimin's post away.

    I too am getting married next year and am in the planning stages and everything. I appreciate it seems like a huge day and event. Between dresses, flowers, food, site rental the money really stacks up. I know that a new dress is expensive. But I have a couple of questions for you...1) What would make you feel better-looking your absolute best with as much weight gone or wearing a specific dress? 2) What is more important--getting into a healthy weight zone, reducing the work of your heart, lungs, and joints or saving money on a new dress?

    I guess it all comes down to why you are doing the diet. If it is to look good on your wedding day, and you think that wearing that specific dress will make you look better than being in a healthy weight range, then by all means lose as much weight as you can without interferring with the ability to wear the dress. If you went on the diet for a life change, to improve not only the way you look, but how you live, improve your health, and open the doors to activities that are now closed to you--then stay on the diet as long as you emotionally and physically can.

    The other problem comes from doing another diet...I am really not trying to be mean (I put myself in this group too by the way), but didnt most of us start CD because we had problems following other diets? That previous attempts to lose weight just didnt work? If this is you (like its me), do you want to risk undoing all your hard work on a diet that you may have already been unsuccessful at in the past?

    I hope I dont come across too mean or harsh as this was not my intention.:eek: I personally want everyone to be happy with the choices they make and feel ok with who they are (whether that be 17 stones or 9). But here I go again speaking from my experience (I think I may be turning into a Bridezilla!!!)-try to keep things in perspective about the wedding and dress. Your friends and family are there for you-not what you wear, the flowers, or what food you serve. The "perfect" wedding and wedding dress is something we create in our heads. (You see I can say this as I have avoided trying on any dress as I hate the way I look now and it would depress me!) You will be beautiful no matter what you wear--happiness and love give everyone beauty and a striking glow.
  8. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Hiya... As far as I know you are in Ireland (north i think??) and by all accounts there are feck all CDC's in ireland, i think maybe 3 or 4 and now with Ivy coming on board in Dublin, we have one good one!!!

    I do agree with all the rest tho and your appetite will increase if you go back to 'real food'. I did in august and am now a stone and a half nearly over what I was then....

    Hope you find something that works for ya.

    Can you PM me with who your CDC in Ireland is cos I have had a very similar experience with mine!!


    Gen xx
  9. clairejen

    clairejen Lurker

    Hi Claire,
    If you have trouble with the cost of CD then LL will be impossible, it costs about twice as much. Your CDC really does seem offputting, it's a pity the stuff is so heavy or you might be able to arrange with a CDC over here to do email/phone counselling and post your supplies. I'm guessing CDCs are pretty rare in Ulster, but it's worth ringing to check.
    What course you choose is up to you, it depends what you can cope with. As Palmettofairy says we've all failed on other diets before, that's why we're here, and Cambridge is easy because of the ketosis and not needing to weigh or choose food.
    I can only say that if I were in your position I think I'd stick with it, and then apply to be a CDC myself when I've reached goal, there's obviously a big need for a good one in your area.
    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  10. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    The Harcombe Diet
    Hi Claire

    Well just agreeing with what's already been said really, if the diet's working for you but not the counsellor, then change your counsellor, or if that's not possible because of location then just use your counsellor to buy your products and use Minimins for support & advise, there are plenty of counsellors on here who will be more than happy to help you. I'm almost one(!) and if you ever want to pm me with a question, please feel free & I'm sure many of the other CDC's would happily do the same for you - they're a great bunch of peeps on here. :)

    Have to agree with Mike, if you're meant to be on 4 packs a day because of your height, you can't just swap one pack for some chicken, you will be missing out on some nutrients. If you really need that bit of chicken go onto 790, have a bit of veg/salad with it and your skimmed milk and then you're ok to have 3 packs. It will make very little or no difference to your weight loss & could just be the thing that helps you stick to it.

    Keep up the good work & you'll be the slinky bride you want to be:)

    Best of luck.
  11. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Hi There,
    I completely agree with Icemoose.

    I think you need to look beyond your CDC. Admittedly, I thought I was having trouble with mine. However I understood why she was like that and learned to accept it. She isn't all bad. In fact I'm very happy with her now. However before I got to this point I wasn't and as I say, I resolved to look passed her and look towards my goal weight ... she was incidental to it all. Lets face it, the consumption of the shakes and sticking to it is what loses the weight.

    If you aren't feeling supported; use the forum, I certainly do in any case. Doing LL won't neccessarily guarantee a great counsellor.

    All I'm saying is this journey is about self discovery. Not only do I use food as a crutch; I also use people and when people aren't there for me I blame them. WHat about me, what am I doing for myself?! I've decided, no more excuses, either I want to do this diet and lose weight and start taking control or I don't. I'll hate myself in 5 years if I don't and I'll still be in my self-imposed quagmire of angst and self-belief.

    Continue with the diet. If you need a new dress, then so be it. The change is for life and the future health of you, not just for your wedding day. I guarantee you, you'll look even better and the kudos will be overwhelming.

    All the best ....
  12. julesrush

    julesrush Norwich CDC

    I wouldnt worry about the size of the dress get a good dressmaker and she should be able to take it in. WHen i bought mine 10 years ago i bought it months before the wedding and lost weight and had it taken in 4 sizes , was cheaper than buying a new dress.

    Ditto what everyone said try to find a different cdc if not available talk to your cdc and tell her your worries, some people arent aware of the way they come across and if no one tells them they wont change.

  13. boofaloo

    boofaloo Gold Member

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    From experience keep doing what is working no matter how hard or expensive the results. (ie changing your wedding dress)
    Come on here for support, buy some scales and weigh yourself or go into boots or somewhere else with scales and weigh in every week.
    You are worth this and you can do it!!! Please dont change it is so hard to get back on track when you realise CD was the way to go in the first place. Trust me i know!!!!!!!
  14. snowyj

    snowyj Full Member

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    Hi Claire,
    You've done so well to lose the wieght that you have already lost. The diet is hard, but it is worth it. You've probably got yourself into a habit of having the chicken; why don't you think of something that you are going to do tomorrow when you get the urge to eat the chicken...get yourself out of the habit of eating it and it will be easier. Also...just picture yourself next August - at goal wieght in your beautiful (taken in) will then have the 'real' pictures for the rest of your life and you will be proud to have them on show.
    Good luck...and remember that you will get lots of support on fact...when you feel like eating...come straight to the forum and tell us, and hopefully there will be someone around to distract you.
  15. happygal

    happygal Banned

    hi Jen

    I never thought of the becoming a cdc myself when I succeed. Do I not need my CDC to sponsor me though? Or can I get someone else. I think that you may be onto something because there is no one in the north really. Thanks for suggesting it.

    And to everyone else.

    Thanks for your advice. I went to the CDC today and bought 3 weeks worth. I was blatently honest with her about how I was feeling about the diet and how when I was on weightwatchers I felt such support but I feel alone now. So lets see if she changes any. She did say that if I was having problems to ring her, so maybe she will improve a bit.

  16. happygal

    happygal Banned

    Hi Ya

    Oh by the way. I didnt really fail on weightwatchers. I was just losing the weight too slowly. I did go on a bit of a bender but I dont think that WW failed. If I had of kept going to the meetings and getting newly motivated each week then I would of got there. I would of got there a lot more slowly though and thats why I changed to CD in the first place. That is also why I was concerned about the amount of weight I put back on within one week as this never happened with weightwatchers. After following the diet the most I ever put on in a week was about 3lbs and that was over christmas.

    I guess what Im worried about is that whenever I start reintroducing carbs again that I will just pile it on again and be back to square one. Its a lot of money to pay if its gonna be wasted like that.
  17. palmettofairy

    palmettofairy Full Member

    Glad you made your decision. Please dont feel alone. We are all here for you!!

    Putting on weight at the end is not going to be a problem if you make plans and listen to the advice of all the knowledgable souls on her! There are several who have kept it off for years. If you put it back on after that-it has nothing to do with carbs being reintroduced, just falling back into old patterns. And I am sure nobody on this board will fall back into old patterns as there are too many people offering support and a good lecture when we need it.:D

    Good luck. I hope your CDC improves, if not WE ARE HERE!!!
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