struggling- anyone wanna make a team for support?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by BubblyPenguin, 7 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. BubblyPenguin

    BubblyPenguin Recovering Foodaholic

    Ugh, I've been hopeless!! Totally off plan last week, and I won't go into details about yesterday!!

    Anyway, I do really need to get back on track, but have been really struggling to do so and have only managed about 2 100% days this month! So annoying, now my bmi is below 30, it's like my head wants to have a party!!!!

    Anyway, was wondering if anyone out there was also struggling and wanted to get a little team together to keep each other ticking along??
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  3. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    I hope you can find your va va voom again!!! Im sure its tucked away somewhere xxx
  4. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    I'm at exactly the same stage, I have just got below 30bmi and seem to be eating left right and centre. I have always had sensible meals for special occassions, but every week I seem to have more meals, and then in between I am SS+ing, but naughtily adding feta to the salad etc (give me an inch, I'll take a mile). Whenever I go SS, I seem ok then have a social meal and then everything goes to pot (not so much at the restaurant, but getting back on track after). Still maintaining but not losing. Going to SS until Friday this week when I have my works meal. I can't believe I am whinging about something that is totally my fault and I know exactly what to do to put it right.
  5. BubblyPenguin

    BubblyPenguin Recovering Foodaholic

    God, I hope so, it's driving me nuts now!! In and out of ketosis non-stop!
  6. BubblyPenguin

    BubblyPenguin Recovering Foodaholic

    I know what you mean, Chlo, it's excuses and yet I know it's down to me..gggrrr...dunno what to do to get me back on track!
  7. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Clare... how about going to the shops.... and heading straight for the next size UP on the rails ;) go on do it..... now aint that a very very nasty thought... dreadfull in fact. I bet that would shock ya core

    ;) I say it with love x
  8. Mrs Taurus

    Mrs Taurus Silver Member

    Hi BP, I too am feeling weak at the moment,I know why, and christmas has a lot to do with it, as well as a few emotional reasons. I know what you mean about wanting to party when your bmi gets below 30, its like wearing beer goggles in my case as I am at 28.something,which is 10 less than I was....but still a way off where I want to go.
    Anyway just wanted you to know you're not alone,I am currently back to craving the old vino very badly. x
  9. lalliali

    lalliali xPink Princess!x

    i know the feeling im on day 6 ss and first time in ages ive stuck to it properly! i turn 23 in january and would like to be overwieght rather tha obese urgh nasty thought! xxx
  10. trisha

    trisha likes to post

    I'm pretty much the same been struggling on and off for months
  11. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

  12. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    I am having problems too and I put on weigh last week :( back on plan this week! I need all the help I can get...I can actually see the finish line which is annoying :) good luck everyone!
  13. Sam R

    Sam R Member

    Only you can do it, if you really really want it badly enough and stick to it 100% u will get there, its a IMPOSSIBLE NOT to lose weight if u stick to it :)

    How much do u want it? Faliure is not an option!!! Dont give up, tomorrow is a new day and new day is a chance to change !!!

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