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Struggling.... big time

I've been trying to get back into SS since last Wednesday... and managed first three days, through the headaches and the hunger pangs.

On Saturday I absolutely crashed, picking at crisps and chocolate but picked myself up, ready to start again on Sunday. I was fine until the rest of the family had finished their dinner and I started picking at the leftovers (how gross is that!!) After that I couldn't stop, nibbling at anything I could get my hands on. The worst of it is that I've been doing it all in secret, sneaking about, pinching food when no-one's looking. In the end on Sunday night I made myself some toast.

Yesterday again I woke up feeling positive, managed all day in work, had my soup at lunch time and another soup when I got home at dinner time. Had to pick up daughters and went to the garage and got chocolate to have while I was waiting!! Grrrr just can't understand why I can't get back into this.

So, here I am again.... Tuesday, I've been drinking my water, haven't had any packs as yet - normally have lunch, dinner and one in the evening - but I just want to sit and cry because I'm feeling such a failure.

In my head I know I'm not because I've already lost 4.5 stone but I've still got a long way to go and will not give up - just finding it incredibly hard at the minute :cry:

Sorry for the long post peeps but can't talk to hubby as I'd feel so guilty telling him that I'm failing.
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(((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))) I wish I had good advice to give - 'cos then I could take it as well!! I too am restarting - picking and then undoing my good work. It feels like I've suffered on doing SS for nothing - and then by picking I've undone my good work.

Stick with it and you are welcome to come on here and post ........... that's what we're here for!
Hello myrtlemoo
I could have written that post myself when i last attempted CD!
I m not really one to give advice as im only on day 2 and although im full of good intentions i have given up before!
The only real difference this time is that its a new year and a new start for me, im so determined that im not going to spend all this money just to ruin the weight loss by nibbling!
I have promised myself that nothing will pass my lips for about 7mths(not sure what to do about aam)

I did the eating in secret thing and i just couldnt cope with the guilt, especially when my partner said how well i was doing, in the end i told him and i agreed to leave it until after xmas!! sorry if ive babbled but i hope that it might help!
Awwww:grouphugg: a big hug for you xxx

You've done incredibly well losing 4.5stone already hun.

Its not easy and I know where you are coming from. When I start picking i then lose all control and you just get swept up in it.

The thing is you know you can do this diet. You've already lost a LOT of weight on it and therefore you need to look back and see what kept you on track and focused before. What do you think has changed?

Please don't feel like a failure - you are far from that. Perhaps you should try and speak to your dh about it, i am sure that he would not want you to be suffering in silence.

Perhaps you've had enough of SS'ing? I know I just couldn't do it after 6 weeks and I definitely would have failed if I had kept on that plan. I therefore changed to 790 and gradually worked up the plans - I knew that I could manage it on 790, just knowing i had a meal to look forward to in the evening made all the difference to me and to be honest the losses were near enough the same as SS'ing.

Keep going hun, we are all here for you

Exactly how I feel - know I had the worst of it over me with having got through first three days and kicking myself for ruining it, but still on self-destruct mode! Have texted my CDC for a chat, so hopefully she'll give me a kick in the rear lol - unfortunately I just feel like crying at the mo, which isn't good!! Grrrrrrr onwards and downwards (weight wise!)
Good idea to talk it through with your CDC - good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing xx


Hiya, We are know exactly where you are coming from! There are ways around tho....have you tried splitting your packs? I find I cope much better when I have 1/2 for brekkie, the remainder for brunch and so on. Keeps you filled so you don't get the urges. Like JJJ I found 790 much more manageable and am finding the losses still the same. I'd talk to your CDC about your options. Don't feel like you can't do it cos you can. Good luck! Vx

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