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struggling cambridge dieter.....

step away from the food!! look at the inspiration gallery & remember they did it by sticking to the diet. 13lb this week, ?3lbs next week.... but only if you step away from the food

go get yourself a drink or have another half a shake if very hungry.... but don't eat anything else, you'll weight loss will be great this time next week
Thanks Angie.......so would the celery do damage or will it just bugger up ketosis?
well it might take you out of ketosis, but it should be okay, it's just if you chose to eat celery, it's not a very big step to find something else to eat, best not to start down that path
and I am saying it from experience =)
it's easy to say no to food when people offer it, if you are certain in your head what you can consume.... I found that if I introduced non cd foods it was harder to say no when people try and tempt you with other foods.
I know what you're saying....maybe I should just go and have a bath lolol
oh bless! yep I remember the first couple of months of cd.... lots of baths, nail care and reading books..... anything that doesn't involve food as entertainment
By the way.....I've just made a ticker....but it's not showing on here! What havn't I done?
Ithink you need to post 50times before you get more space... go on the word game threads, it's easy to build posts
Oh right, I'll try that thanks. I've got a funeral to go to next week and staying with my mum. CDC says I'll be able to have a light meal of chicken or fish and green and white veg. Isn't that a bit early in the game?

Hi! Do you mean the main cambridge site not the one on here?! I know I know but I'm on Day 1 of SS!!! Anyway, I tried to go on thier forums and it wouldn't let me! Maybe they have a teccy prob!
I couldn't get on them either.....I've sent mails too telling them there's a problem but havn't heard anything back.
Hi furrysmudge! I did the cambridge diet for a few months and i'm currently on all about w8..basically the same! and I KNOW THE FEELING!! i could eat anything is site right now im very tempted, but just remember what your reasons and goals are for loosing all the weight! you can do it! x
Thanks 9stonetogo! I've got over that stage now (I'm just starting my 6th week) but I did give in to cravings after my WI on Tuesday, so this week I'm starting all over again as though it's my first week xx ps it looks like we're not too far from each other! xx


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Hi, I know this was a while ago but just read it and was wondering how you're doing now? Are you sticking ot it or is it still quite difficult? I thought doing a week of 810 might help.
Did really well last week (my first week) 13lbs down........today I feel like I could eat everything in sight....'cheated' and ate celery. Could really do with some conforting words of encouragement right now folks......:sigh:
Hi i have had a go at CD a couple of months ago and initially lost 2 stone and have fell off the waggon the last month and put back on 1 stone of that perhaps we could encourage each other with this :)
Well done

wow that's a great loss 1st week

I've been at it for 5 weeks now on SS and lossed 3 1/2 stone, so keep it up it really works. Eating any sort of food will make you hungrier and break down your mental resolve

Keep going

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