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Struggling - Day 1 :(

Hi Everyone....Wow - The only reason I am determined to get through Day 1 is because of all of ur success stories - there are so many inspirational people on here! .......I have tried this diet 3 times before and never got passed the 2nd shake :cry:.......but at almost 18stone.....and having suffered 40 years of being fat......I am here to try again........ I keep reading how the 1st 3 days are the worst.....is that honestly the truth??? Will it get easier..... headache and hunger pangs have already set in :sigh:......I need so much support to do this!!!!!!!
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Hi hun,

Stay strong. Plenty of water, lovely baths and early nights for the first few days. Honestly get to the first weigh in and it gets sooooo much easier. YOU CAN DO IT.......WE ALL CAN DO IT....TOGETHER.

Good luck hun.x
It really does get easier - the hunger pangs ease a bit after the first 3 days and then by the end of week 1 (where i am now) they are almost non existent.

When I got a really bad hunger pang - I drank a pint of water - it really really helps.

I cant advise on the headaches because I didnt get any - I put that down to the 3litres+ of water a day im drinking a day.

What I found really helped is taking one day at a time - every morning only think about the day ahead and not at the next few weeks. I started this diet thinking - Ill try it for a week and every day I say to myself its only for the day. This makes it much easier for me.


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welcome to the forum you can do it this time as we are all here for ,just take the first week day by day ,keep drinking the water and keep loggin on here there is always someone on we are all addicted to this site you see ,i was nearly 18 stone and and i know how you feel but it can be done good luck xx


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Hi and welcome Kim it honestly gets loads better to the point where we all moan about leaving the shakes behind!!! Stick with it hun and drink loads..need any support then just come here and some1 will always help xx
Welcome Kim... dont worry you will get through it we are all in the same boat and ready to give support!
Im on Day 4 and find that splitting the shakes during the day (having 6 instead of 3) has really helped, and having the water beside me the whole time also helps with the hunger pangs!

I had headaches myself but I think that was just down to my body getting used to the new routine, but Im headache free today (So far!) It will get better!!
Hi Kim I know exactly how you are feeling.im day two now and cant believe im still going.I tried a month ago like you and didnt even last a day.I think some habits are very hard to break I didnt realise how much i picked at during the day.now i reach for the water.i want back yesterday for a re weigh and had put on 6lbs in the last month.I am mad when i think of all the weight i could have lost if only i had stuck to my original plan.my bmi is 37 so have loads to losee. it seems such a journey but this lot are so encouraging and their success is obvious to see i only hope I can continue and have my own success soon. So good luck Kim you really are not "alone".



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Welcome. If i started this diet without reading everything on hear first, i too wouldnt have been able to stick it out. Its sooo comforting knowing that other people are going throught the same thing and doing well. Stick it out, it does get better and easier xx
hi kim,
keep reading!
i was 18stone 3.5 pounds before christmas and am 12 stone 2.5 pounds now and i have kept going by looking to the next weigh-in and that's as far as my head has gone!
try and get excited about where you are gonna get to and before you know (like in a couple of weeks) you'll have clothes you can't wear any more coz they're too loose! little results will happen VERY quickly it's just the next few days that will seem like a lifetime - but it's not!
do the bath and bed thing, maybe a good book - have short days - and you'll be weighing in before you know it - good luck
fran :)
I know what you mean, I know what your going through, I know where your at, now you have made a descision to lose weight now stick at it, keep logging on here you can do this, skinny you is not far away just a small part of your life thats all your body asks, go on do it yopu know you want to;)


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Everyone is right,its damn hard the first few days but the feelings of hunger and weakness pass.Take a couple of painkillers for the headache,try not to use coated ones.Relax if you can,baths and early bed help.You will get into the swing of things and it will seem normal to have your shakes etc.you're gonna do it and lose the weight,come on here for chat and craic!


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Go to bed early for the first few days. I did. It was the only way to get rid of the hunger & the temptation to eat.

From day 4 it gets so much easier. I promise!!!!

Id eat for a small city normally and would 'graze' on food for the evening when i came home from work so i HAVE to keep busy now in the evenings to break the habit......

Lipotrim really does get easier after the first few days and its the best thing i have decided to do.

My main motivation is that im excited to see what i look like slim!!!

Starting Weight - 14.1
Week One - 13.6 (-9)
Week Two - 13.0 (-6)


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I agree with everything everyone has said, once you get into ketosis around day 3/4 then you have got over one big hurdle, and things will seem so much brighter and you will be in a right frame of mind to carry on. Keep posting, this is a great support forum. xx

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