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Struggling...day 5

:wave_cry:Hi all, at day 5 and have been really lucky as i havent had any headaches or felt to bad, but yest i was really hungry, hub went shopping and all i could smell when he got back was fresh bread...a killer...ended up going to bed early so got through it...today feeling the same, so came on here for more inspiration, as i said in past thread i have done this before about 5 yr ago, but i do think second time around it is harder ...any how...fingers crossed i can get through this 1st week x
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Skelator Here I come
Go for walks, clean the house, try on all the clothes that don't fit you. Take pictures of yourself to see what you don't like and feel good cos you're making a change!!! Meet a friend and go for coffee, drink lots and lots of water and come on here and look at all the inspirational photos.

That's what I do, and it worked for me xxx
Day 5 was my worst but still nothing to how bad I felt when I looked in the mirror in my undies - it made getting through the day easier for me as I knew it was all going to be worth it. keep blogging and do try the peppermint tea - I've found it a lifesaver and having it cold from the fridge has made a great alternative to boring old water
Everyone has THAT day around day 4-5, the horrible one that is the worst and it is the day before you start feeling great, the day your body is going into full Ketosis. See it as a good thing not a bad one as things will only get better after today, just get through it!

It is my second time round as well. I have actually found it easier mentally because last time (2 yrs ago) I didn't know what I was getting into, I just thought, ah heck I'll give that a go. This time I prepared myself mentally for the challange of the dreaded first week, I feel great now after being on it for over 2 weeks and I now know that I have to research properley the exact route I am going to take when it comes to refeeding. Last time I came off it, I went on an all day bender with the lads, drinking Lager and eating takeaways...BIG MISTAKE...ended up back at the beginning again, finally realised this is a chance to have a lifestyle change and retrain my bad habits.

So chin up, get through today and you know tomorrow will be a brighter day!


Skelator Here I come
Did it slow down your weight loss Pete?
Just a little bit, LOL, I think I took in more carbs the day after I came off LT than what I would have done for the whole 3 weeks I was on it. This time I'm doing 5 weeks and hoping for 2 1/2 stone loss, but more importantly, I want to keep it off, I am determined to keep it off, I will keep it off!!!
Just get through the next two days and you should be ok. This first week always has bad days, i felt like giving up practically everyday. Go for a long bath, buy magazines, read them, clean, take a walk, and like someone else said try your clothes on, see which ones you can get into next, and keep them out so you can keep trying them on.

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