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Struggling doesn't even begin to describe it.

Hey everyone.

I don't know what is going on :( I stuck to the diet for weeeeeks and weeks, and lost a good amount of weight. Then I hit a plateau ... and since then I just can't be bothered. :'(

Well it's a mixture of not being bothered, being really busy and not seeing results. I am still weighing all the time and ensuring that I am not putting weight on. Which is always good. So since my last "proper" recorded weigh in, I have only gained 2lbs. Which isn't bad considering that was well over 4 weeks ago.

However, my holiday is in 2 weeks and I am no where near my goal :'(

I don't know how to get myself back going again. And I really feel like packing the whole thing in and facing the fact that I am not cut out to be anything below I size 14.

Advice please? :(

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I'm abit fed up too. 17 weeks I had a loss then had mew mirena coil and had 2x gains in the following 7 weeks of 2.5lbs each time, I had stuck to plan 100% for 6 months then went away last weekend had 4 days off didn't go mad but gained 2lbs, so August has been wasted as uve only lost 1.5lbs :((((
But I've got back on plan and am sticking at it.

We have to change what we eat regulary on plans and change exercise to fool the body always weigh and measure all the goes in your mouth and drink fluids.
Most people seem to plateau we just got to stick it out hey, or we'll end up yoyoing and heavier xx
Yeah I know. I just feel really deflated about everything at the moment. I want to go on my holiday, I cant wait to get back to uni ... I want to have more money - I am on anti-depressants which since I have been on I havent lost an ounce :( I cant blame that though, because I cant say I have stuck to it 100% either! I am feeling really ill today which never helps!

You seem very motivated though :) so thats really good!!! The whole time I was losing, I was extremely motivated because of my holiday. My holiday is now 2 weeks away - so I feel beyond the point of caring because realisitically I cant lose THAT much weight in 2 weeks!

Having said that, I went to morrisons this morning and bought tonnes of fruit and salad - so for breakfast I had a piece of toast, Lunch is going to be a jacket potato with loads of salad and some tuna ... Dinner is going to be a reduced fat kiev with lots of salad and maybe a few boiled potatoes. Smoothie for snack later.

Hopefully eating like this will help! :)

Sometimes it does the body good to step away for a couple of days and come back refreshed and ready to start again.
I have often found that if my losses slowed down then a complete day off and then back to it 100% really helped.

Have you tried shaking up your menus and having new foods?
Sometimes the body just gets used to what you are doing and sticks!

You have done great to only gain 2lbs in the 4 weeks:) but if you give up then you will start eating more and more and then kick yourself when you go up to a 16;)

Try writing down why you want to lose the weight and what you want to achieve and see if that can give you some motivation x Look at the diet like you did at the start and be excited by it again x
so August has been wasted as uve only lost 1.5lbs :((((
Hunny please dont think like that :( How is it wasted if you have lost? Maybe you could of lost more but you could have gone totally off the rails and gained overall so look at the positive :D

You are doing fab so keep going and it will be goal before you know it ;)
The whole time I was losing, I was extremely motivated because of my holiday.
So book/plan something to work towards again :D

Doesnt have to cost much, plan a night out/in with the girls, A makeover at a beauty counter, A new outfit, A day out etc
Anything that you know you will look forward to and then set yourself a target and focus on it x

Sometimes we let life get in the way of looking after ourselves and concentrate on everything and everyone else and treat ourselves like 2nd class citizens!

Like the L'Oreal adverts say " Because You're worth it " :cool:


And Again...........
As someone said up there, maybe try different meals? shake it up a bit? get motivated to loose again. What about excercise? walking, gym, swimming? All good to help you loose - i have taken up jogging... cant go far at the moment! but one min jog, one min run - one day looopy luc might manage a 5k!!! Have a new goal, infact my new goal is going to be to run a 5k!! You have just inspired me there :)

Looooopy luc
hehe. Thanks guys :)

That has cheered my up!

Today has been ok actually. Small bowl of cereal and a piece of toast (5 points)

Jacket potato with some tuna and big salad (7 points)

12 points so far, 7 points left. I havent decided what I am eating for dinner yet fully, but I think reduced fat kiev, boiled potatoes and salad ... (7 points).

Hopefully if I do stick to the points I will lose weight and this will inspire me to keep going.

As for the looking forward to something - I suppose ... I have my 21st birthday in Feb next year. So I suppose I could aim to be my goal weight by xmas ... and then find little things like birthdays to be excited for and want to keep the weight off.



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