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Struggling, Fed up, thinking of quitting!!!!!!!

Afternoon people.

I have had a terrible week, after weighing my self Monday and losing 5 3/4 lbs I did not get back on track Tuesday but I did Wednesday and have stuck to my points since then, but I have been using my points on everything bad and nothing any good to me, so im obviously going to have a increase on the scales tomorrow, Im so fed up why I cannot just "DO IT". And really thinking about just giving up totally and just eat normal, which in my case will turn out to be loads of junk food and crap full of calories and fat !!!!

I dont know how to move on.

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I know I'm not on WW but I thought I'd reply! Don't give up! Draw a line under it and just aim to be good for the rest of the day, take it day by day. Wow, just looking at your losses and you've done so well!
Go for a walk right now to clear your head and get your mind back on board. You don't fail by gaining a few pounds, you fail when you stop trying!
I've been the same, up until my holiday 3 weeks ago was doing really well, now cant seem to get back on track! Cant understand why as I'd just got to losing 50 lbs and still have another 50 lbs to go. Looking at your stats you are much nearer to target and are doing so well, I'd love to be in your position. Dont give up you've done so well, let yourself have a few days off then do what I'm doing - tomorrows a new day am determined to stay within my points. Good luck, am hoping you'll find it within yourself to stay on track - I'm aiming to lose half a stone for Halloween, set yourself a minigoal :)
Aww Anthony - its horrible isnt it sweetheart? I think we all understand just how bloody difficult and never ending this journey is. Try to stop being so hard on yourself though cos you're never going to do something positive if you're bullying yourself and slagging yourself off all the time. Its important to stay calm when you go off track so take a deep breath and try talking to yourself about how you CAN do this rather than how you CAN'T. Its all about painting a positive image in your mind and taking the bits out of your day where you did something in the right direction - for example, you had 2 chocolate bars but managed to stop yourself having 3! I know it sounds stupid to be pleased you 'only' had 2 bars but positively reinforcing the fact that you stopped will subconciously help you move on and minimise any damage you've done. I don't think you'll gain weight from using your points on 'bad' things to be honest - calories are calories whatever food type they are and your body has no way of distinguishing what comes from 'good' food and what comes from 'bad'. It just means that you didnt get the right balance of nutrients that day so you'll be feeling crappier than you would if you'd eaten a balanced diet. Please pick yourself up and keep going - it CAN be done and YOU can do it - don't let this beat you!! xxxx

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