Struggling - I need help - please help


:cry:I don't want to do this no more, I am so unmotivated today, I ate yesterday because I had a falling out with my 18 year.
What's ironic, is that when we had sorted out our differences. I said to my 18 year old, I want a pizza, my 18 year said - why mum? you are on the programme and if you eat that will be defeating the object.

I simply dont know what the object is, I hate being obese, I want to be slimmer,fitter, but I am somewhat scared of not succeeding, everytime I start the programme - my aim is to keep going, but it never happens like that.
I hate being angry with myself, I am so tired and do you know what, I am angry at having to do this programme because I never asked to be obese.

Guy's I know I am being irrational,(it's a time of the month thing) Life can be such a female dog at times.
To all you beautiful people who have written to me - I am truly sorry for being negative.

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Hey Auj
its ok to feel sad, bad and angry at ourselves, but please remember you are a great person and you can do this ! Put yesterday behind you, take one day at a time, try to think of small goals instead of the bigger picture which can be sooooo scary. Before I started LL, I spent at least 15 years of my life wishing I could be thinner, I wasted all the time not doing what I wanted to do because my weight held me back, I was a horrible person because I took my own frustrations out on others - I was almost blaming them for the way I looked and felt - but you know what - I am worth more than that - as are you - this is a long and hard journey and nothing worth having ever comes easy - but we are all here for you - we are all feeling the same -I myself have spent whole days just crying at how miserable I felt. But, it does get easier - do it for one day - then another - slowly it will be easier - you will feel better and suddenly you will be thinking how it has flown by and you didnt even realise. You can do this - keep posting on here and we will all support you every step of the way.


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Hi Auj

You cannot change what you did yesterday so forget it... Today is a new day.

You need to decide if you really really want to lose weight cos a VLCD is drastic and you have to really want it to achieve success. I found the first part of my journey very easy but is was sooooo desperately unhappy with my weight and how i looked. I'm struggling now though since re-introducing food back in May last year and am 20 pounds up as a result grrr!

We all have a weight problem here and it's going to dog us for the rest of our lives - we are bound to have bad days but as long as most days are good we should win the battle!

Good luck!!!


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chin up. :eek:

blame it on your hormones and don't give in to them!!! it is not easy, true, but dont ruin what you already achieved!

hip hip hooray..:cool:
u can do it :p


Not dieting ATM!

It is hard:( at times but at other times easy:) . This hard time will pass and you will be enjoying an easy spell soon and the spectacular results too.:D Sounds to me like you were looking for a reason (or excuse) to eat yesterday.:rolleyes: How about write two lists; reasons to eat and reasons not to eat. I'm sure you will soon realise that there are only really valid reasons not to eat.

It's hard sometimes to accept that you can be successful and achieve what you wish for, strange when we want it so much! Believing in ourselves is something we need to learn to do and believe me the results are so rapid with VLCD it wasn't long before I was at last believing in myself.

Hope today it better for you. You know you deserve success and it sounds like your family think so too!;)

Dizzy x


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How about starting a diary thread - with your reasons for losing weight, your goals, your sticky moments etc .... and then if you are having a bad time you can post on it and either someone will reply and help you - or by writing it down you may find you clear it in your head.

It is great to look back on as a record of your success, a good motivational tool and on bad days a place to dump your rubbish!


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Dear Auj

I agree with all the other girls, please put yesterday behind you, dust yourself down and look forward.

I would also say, keep a record of your monthly cycle and when you start to feel the blues coming on, be prepared.

Being aware that your hormones affect you in a negative way will enable you to take more control, instead of allowing those pre-menstrual blues to get you down.

If you find that you tend to get into conflict with loved ones around this time of the month, being aware that you are not quite yourself at this time will enable you to avoid arguments. I know teenagers can be very trying at times, but hey we've all been there, and they do need lots of love, pounds of patience and kilos of compassion too.

Try to be positive now and take care of yourself. Pamper yourself when you are feeling blue, listen to your favourite music and know that we're here to help.

Marylyn xx


A massive thank you to all of you, I am alot calmer and my thought processes are behaving rationally now (DOES THAT MAKE SENSE) but I thinking properly now.
How do I start a diary thread.

Once again thank you.


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I think we all have days like that when we feel we can't do it and wished we had a zip on the fat suit so that we could just step of out it and leave it behind.

For me a vlcd is the nearest thing I have found to a zip on the fat suit and it does work...but there are times when the zip does get stuck:eek:

As Dizzy has said write a list and remind yourself of what it is you want to achieve, as goals do help and as you tick each one of as you go, gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Mini goals and big goals are a good combination...

Also as Beverley has suggested doing a diary does help to keep the focus and it is a good record for you to look over and see how far you have come.

Marylyn suggestion of recording your monthly cycle and being aware that the hormones do tend to run rampant and you can plan ahead.

All teenagers would try the patiences of a Saint..."that's their job":) Testing their boundaries as the change from a child into an adult...Your son was being very adult when he reminded you that pizza was not on the programme:(

I know my own son is absolutely delighted when I am doing my programme as he wants a slim and healthy Mom.

This diet is a very tough diet and while it is wonderful if you can stay on it and never have a slip... full marks! But, having a slip is not a licences to have a landslide.


Hi u all

How's it going, haven't checked in with you guys for sometime.
I need to know something, have any of you experienced having to pay a month in advance if you have missed two weeks of the programme.

xxx Auj


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Hi hope you ok

Our LLC mentioned it right at the start, but we do have to pay for missed weeks aswell. I don't think anyone has actually missed a week yet though, they all tend to come in another day to get weighed & collect packs if they can't make it for the actual session.

Not sure how it works to be honest, I just know that we have to pay £66 whether we attend or not.