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    Okay. Right up until I was 20, I used to be 8 stone. My height is 5'4, and I was a healthy weight (I'll include a picture to prove this!)


    Anyway since reaching 20 years old, (so in the space of two years, I'm now 22, nearly three actually) I have managed to gain three stone. I'm betting that this is because of various events that have happened, and primarily that darn happy weight that people put on when they're in a good relationship. As a result of gaining my weight, I have lost my confidence, gained 3 dress sizes, and most of all just don't feel like me any more. I used to feel pretty and sexy and I just feel like a fat lump now! As you can see in the picture above I have a love for elaborate fashion and just can't seem to pull it off now that I'm bigger, and there's no chance in hell that I could ever fit into my clothes either. So just before Christmas, something clicked in my head, and I felt really, REALLY motivated to lose weight. I admit that at the beginning I didn't do it right, I sort of lost my appetite and was only eating one meal a day. This promoted a loss of 9lbs. I've kept those off with healthy eating and exercise regime, but I just can't seem to get below 10 and a half stone (more accurately, 150lbs.) I'm so sick of seeing the same number on the scale, and I have been putting my all into it and eating three square meals a day, plus a pudding of low fat yoghurt and tinned fruit. I haven't been eating anywhere NEAR the amount I used to eat, but I just get so frustrated because I'm not losing any more. My caloric intake is always around 1,300 calories a day (and I do not feel hungry, so I'm no starving myself). Does anyone have any pointers? Please? I just get so upset being the same weight, considering I feel I am doing everything right (Am I? Where am I going wrong?) and trying my hardest. Please, please help me start losing again!
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    It's possible you may have done a bit of harm to your metabolism by starting off on the wrong foot, so now your body's effectively putting its foot down and refusing to budge in case you start starving it again! If you go onyo the calorie counting forum there's a thread on there about setting your recommended calorie level, and you might find it useful reading, as there are people on there who are trying yo kickstart stalled weight loss by adjusting their calorie level (upwards, generally). All the best. :) xx
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    Do you exercise? I'm obviously far far far far more weighty than you but when I was slim I found that getting my kettlebell out actually made me drop weight without changing my diet. I went from 11 stone to 10 stone not too slowly because of that lovely kettlebell.
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