Struggling - need support

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Hi, I don't post here very often, tend to read more than anything, but I need some support....

I took a week off s/w over xmas and new year. First weigh in of the year and I'd gained 2.5lb which was actually less than expected so was happy with that and could move on. First week back on the plan and I tried so hard, did go over my syns one day but had less the following 2 days to make up for it. Was gutted last week to have only maintained. I admit that totally threw me and I seemed to binge a bit on Thursday and Friday, gave myself a complete talking to and was back on it Saturday, I've upped my water intake, I've tried to stick to no more than 10 syns a day. Got on the scales this morning and I was 1lb under last weeks weight so was hoping against hope for another maintain, just got on the scales and I'm currently 2lb heavier than last weigh in ( i know I shouldn't keep weighing myself), weigh in is 2.5 hours away and I'm feeling like not going - which I know would be a big mistake. I just feel completely rubbish and will be mortified if I've gained.

Thanks for reading.
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Go to WI, You know you shouldn't be weighing yourself in between your official WI, every ones weight can fluctuate so much from hour to hour that the only true reading is that of your official WI. you maybe pleasantly suprised.

Good luck and let us know how it goes and hide those scales!


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i feel kinda similiar to u, i can never get under 13st n im bang on 13st this week but upped my exercise which ALWAYS makes me either initally gain or sts and i really dont wanna get weighed in cause i know it wont be wat i wanna see even wit my hard work bu i know if i dont go that ill defo end up feelin sorry for myself for a few days n eat wat i want and that wont get me any were either... ur not alone if that makes u feel better xxx


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Go to your weigh in - you'll be completely surprised! I keep weighing myself every day and then it affects my mood and motivation but i can't help it! Looking forward to seeing how you get on.Don't panic!!


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I also gained on first WI after xmas and then STS the week after! I was told recently that it takes a few days for your body to process the 'gain' so what I had eaten over xmas would show the week after if that makes sense :confused: so if you maintain again tonight you could be pleasantly surprised next week!
Fingers crossed for you x