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Hi Mrs LAC,

you should try looking at some of the recipes on here, i've found them to be the most inspirational as it gives you something new to do with your food.
Also, there are before and after pictures available for you to look at and the transformations of some slimmers is just unbeleivable!

The slimming world website is also good for recipes and stories
but keep looking at the threads on this website because i have found invaluable! The support is brilliant, and the minds of all these experienced SW's means that any question can be answered!

Above all, beleive that you can do it and you will! ( i know it sounds tripe but honestly, you gota beleive in yourself so others will too)

Good luck!


Helloooo... I do beleive you may have fallen into the same trap a lot of people do in believing that 1lb a week is not good... Even I get down when I have lost "just a pound". But what we all need to remember is that just 1lb a week can amount to an amazing 4stone in a year!!! I try to keep this in mind when I have lost "just a pound!!!" LOL!!!

As for gaining inspiration.. I discovered the minimins inspiration board today. It was posted by another member and shows success pics of some members!! Also.. reading through diaries helps me a lot. This site as a whole has been a tremendous help and inspiration to me.
Just keep asking yourself what you want more... the fatty foods or the weight loss. I know which answer comes out on top for me!!

Keep at it hun and you'll get there. In the meantime we are all here to help xx

Roz V

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LMS and PG say it all! MiniMins is totally inspirational - stick around on here and you'll NEVER be short of ideas or help. But, a word of warning, it can become quite addictive! At least I can't eat AND type, not whilst using hubby's laptop at any rate, but he's just ordered me one of my very own...!!!


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Go back and do a food diary, read your book, come on here and ask questions. Remember why you wanted to join in the first place. Make a list of all the advantages of losing weight, and all the disadvantages of staying the size you are, then go out and buy yourself a new lipstick/pair of earrings/ nice showergel whatever makes you feel good and start again!


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1lb a week is a healthy amount of weight to lose each week. The less you lose per week the easier it is to keep it off when you have reached your goal.

Mrs V

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Hi there! As the others have said...1lb a week is a good steady loss, even if you may not feel that its not coming off quick enough for you.
As the others have suggested, have a look at the recipe section and also the diary section on here for some ideas. I dont go to class and I would be totally lost if I didnt come on here!!!

Good luck, only you can do this, but we are here 100% to support you!

It's time to ressurect this...

1lb is a good loss. Each lb is equivalent to....



I will succeed!!!
Everything I was going to say has been said - but good luck honey. It takes time to get into this properly (well it did for me) because it's a life change. Don't lose the motivation that got you to start.

We're all here for you xxx


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Fabulous advice as always, here are few ideas to keep you on track and motivated;

* Read through the books and anything you don't understand just ask, no question is too silly!
* Try and plan ahead best you can - especially important when going out etc.
* Don't weigh everyday - only at your official weigh in once a week
* Keep track of your measurements as well as weight, so if you have a bad couple of weeks, you can be reassured knowing you are losing inches as well as lbs. Take your measurements about once a month
* Make sure you use the plan to your full advantage, fill up on free foods, weigh your HE's properly and use all 15 syns a day - then when you are closer to taget you have something to cut back on if you are struggling.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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I felt exactly the same this last week... I joined up 3 weeks ago and lost 4.5lbs in my first week. I was so happy and motivated I REALLY stuck to the diet the next week and even tried having no syns whatsoever!
At my 2nd weigh in I "only" lost a pound and I was devastated, I didn't even stay for the meeting as I knew I'd burst into tears when our consultant spoke to me.

I was ready to pack it in but I said to myself I'd give it a go for another couple of weeks to see what happens and then I found this forum and people have been so lovely and supportive...
This week I've lost 1.5lbs, again not a massive amount but it means I've lost half a stone over all!!

It might only be a pound or half a pound but all those little bits add up to something bigger... Whilst I'd wished I'd lost more this week I was so happy I'd lost half a stone that it didn't matter.

Just focus on each day and week at a time.

Personally I find planning breakfasts and lunches the most important thing as otherwise I'll skip breakfast and just grab a sandwich... but now I make sure I have a banana and other fruit for brekkie and babybels for mid AM snack (HEx) then chicken and salad (toms, cucumber, beetroot) for lunch and a cereal bar for mid PM snack (HEx). Then for dinners I either just have something very simple like grilled meat and veggies or I grab a recipe out of my syn free original recipe book... the moussaka was amazing!!

On Friday I had my first green day (I'd been EE before then) and I made an absolute mountain of syn free SW chips... I still can't get over I can eat all this food AND lose weight (even if it is "only" a pound!)


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Another thing that im glad i did this time around, that you should still be able to do seen as though your still a newbie, is take some before pictures. I took a little set of pictures pretty much as soon as i joined, i took them without my shirt on and with it on. Every stone that i lose i take the same pictures again, wearing the same shirt and from the same angles. So far i have lost nearly 3 stone and if your struggling for inspiration you can just look at how far you have come.
My husband came up with a great comparison. "2.2lb is a bag of sugar. Even 1lb is about half a bag, so think about that in terms of volume...!" Really put things in perspective for me.

Crikey, just thought about bags of spuds!!!
Thank you all so much for your advice and inspiration. I just discovered this website last night and felt much more motivated just by reading through everyone's stories. Thank you!!!

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