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struggling on day 17 :(

Hi everyone

Sorry to have a moan but am really struggling today. Not really with the eating as have only had 2 shakes today so far but am feeling really bored with everything.
Also has anyone else had any problems with irregular blood loss?
Since I've been doing CDss I have had a very heavy loss which was about 10 days early and since have bled every other day at least. Is really getting me down now as feel exhausted.
Just fed up in general and can't see how on earth I can continue to do the CD for another couple of months or more.
Any advice to get me through this would be greatly appreciated.

Natalie xx
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I'm the same as you hun, just finishing day 15, on day 16 tomorrow and yes I'm bleeding randomly all over the place too. I think it's because the hormones are stored in fat so as we lose fat our hormones go all haywire. I just keep telling myself that it's not forever but if I give up I'll never get the weight off and I want to be slim! Don't quit now, not once you've got into ketosis and are losing weight. I'm tired too, I just make sure I'm kind to myself, have early nights, I'm not pushing myself to exercise because my muscles ache very easily.

You can do it if you want to. I think the side effects clear up as you get further on into it. My CDC told me tonight that some people find that in week 4 they suddenly start feeling great. I guess it takes some people's bodies longer to adapt.

You're doing great, stick with it with me?

Em xx
Thanks em I know I will stick to it as I'm not a quitter!
Also had a few ppl at work telling me it's a waste of time as I'll only put it all back on so that also makes me determined to succeed. Just fed up is all,not so much tired just bored of it all,but hey 2moro's another day.

Natalie xx

P'S you are also doing great so keep up the good work hon x
Yes it is boring. I'm actually excited because I've got peanut bars this week, makes a change from shakes! I just want life to pass really quickly. Which is sad really. Sad what a big part of my life revolved around food. There's loads of headwork to be done on my journey I think.

Em xx


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi - agree with Em, it really is worth pressing on. I'm at start of week 4 and have opp problem to you - no totm yet - 4 days late which is really, really unusual. So i'm ever so slighty grumpy, and like you feeling bored today. Also between sizes in clothes and impatient cos nothing fits!! Joining you in a good wail here or what! What I mean is that the feeling passes, and the benefits really do outweigh the tough times. I'm already seeing myself as slimmer, even though I've got a long way to go. Keep posting and chatting - its a great lifeline. Tx
I'm also the same inbetween sizes,have noticed my thighs are slimmer but thats about it but it's very early days,and it has made me realise how much food was a big part in my daily life,sad really aint it.
Oh em i have also got some peanut bars this week but havent tried them yet,are they any good? Am off to thorpe park on sat so will be taking one with me then.

Natalie xx
Aw hun ihavent been doing it as long as u but ur doing so well keep it up x
Thanks girlies feeling much better today,bit more positive anyway.
Will give the peanut bar a go 2moro,have to get the coach at 5am in morn for thorpe park so will be armed with my tetra and peanut bar,will ave to take one sachet though as I only have the 1 tetra and bar but have thought ahead and bought a insulated flask for some nice hot water,roll on 2moro!!

Natalie xx
Hi slimwannabe

Luckily I am not experiencing any TOTM problems, I do sympathise at how this is getting you (and Bailey and Tracey) down.
For the first time I felt a bit fed up yesterday, thinking to myself how much longer will I be on these shakes and soups etc - it will be months!
Then something lovely happened - an old friend that I last saw just a few days before I started CD met me in town for an exhibition, and his first words were to remark on my weight loss. It just seemed to make it all worth it (particularly knowing that this mate is going through a divorce and his home up for sale, so really he doesn't take much notice unless its something quite significant).
You have all had great losses, I hope that we can encourage each other to keep up the good cause!
Hi Natalie,
Hope you're feeling better now as the day is progressing. I have to admit I am feeling really hungry today (not sure why) and when I went out last night to see Omar (there's nothing like this) gig, I almost collapsed when the waiter walked by me with not one, but three pizzas! Luckily my OH shoved a bottle of water in my hand and made me take a bite of my bar which I had in my bag for dinner. I was very near to throwing a massive 3 year old tantrum and demanding that we get pizza, but the moment passed by the time it took to chew the bite of bar!!
I've been having the bleeding aswell and thought it was to do with the mini-pill, so that's good information to know that it's "normal" but it has been a pain in the behind at night (wink wink)
To get through today I've decided to look for my coming out dress for Xmas. Then I will go on to shoes and accessories, print them out and put them on my motivation board. Keep visualising yourself thin and associate that to activities you will be doing and what you will be wearing. So for example, I'll be going to southport weekender next May and I will be wearing a simple sparkling white vest and sexy jeans (that I can dance in). Visualisation really works. Come on honey bunny - we can do it!! xx
Thanks Mrsv and quizzicalgrrl,have been ok for most of day today but again now its eve i feel really down and grumpy,have just cooked pizza and chips for family and they had strawberry/white choc muffins (my fav) so am sulking really. Just keep tellin myself its not that i cant have it,its that i dont want it and its my choice to be on this diet to get where i really want to be. A slimmer,happier me,just not very happy at the mo :~(
Blood loss is driving me mad and havent been toilet for over a week,have been taking lactulose and fibregel for past 3 days and nothing.
Am off to thorpe park 2moro so am hoping some scary rides will get me going lol.
And Mrsv glad o/h is supporting you,my lot have been pretty supportive too!

Natalie xx
I have to say, I completely admire you for cooking for the family, which also means food shopping too I guess? I haven't cooked yet, he just won't let me. He won't even cook in the house. He cooks at his mums and then eats when I go to bed. You're doing so well. Remember each day at a time. I wish I could help you on the loo thing, but I seem to be the complete opposite - every day I've had a funny tummy and that's with drinking two glasses of water with each meal packet.
Have you looked on the website for Thorpe Park? What rides you going on?
Vanessa. xx (thought I should tell everyone my name!)
Hi Vanessa

Yes after taking my baby to his swimming lesson I then had to do the food shop,was really hungry by this point as well.
Finally got my 2nd shake in at 4:30pm,felt bit sick with it though,just want to get though this horrible bit. Does it ever end or is this how it is all the way through??
dont normally mind being round food,have to at some point i suppose!
am looking forward to thorpe park 2moro and have looked at the website,some very good rides and the new one is called saw,looks quite scary lol.
Have you been before? you live closer than i do ha ha xx
Well you'll be at Thorpe Park now living it up, as I slob on the sofa eating my breakfast bar and drinking mint tea!
Have you thought about having a bar for breakfast and eating it during the shopping trip? Could be an idea as I'm struggling to eat this bar now and feel ridiculously uncomfortably full. Drink a cup of tea before leaving the swimming baths and then eat your bar in going round the shop and the hunger should go.
I wish I knew if it got any easier as I'm pretty much same timing as you.
Hope you're having a great time - I haven't been before, but have seen that SAW ride on the TV - would scare the ch!t out of me!! LOL xx
Well been to thorpe park and it was fab,laughed and screamed so much my mouth and tummy hurt!
Saw was great but defo still love the nemesis,didn't like coloussis though,shook you from side to side too much and gave me a headache.
Had shake in morn at service station,but by 12:30 I was starving,couldn't stop shaking and kept going dizzy and feelin faint. They had a bbq grill thing there so I had some grilled chicken, 2 corn on the cobs and a diet coke and felt soooo much better for it. I just knew a shake or bar wasn't going to sort me out. Don't think it helped that I didn't drink enough water as they had sold out everywhere i was trying to get some and it was really hot.
Was going to have another shake or bar at service station on way home but wasn't hungry (just tired by this point) so didn't have anything else.
Have struggled more this week,had several episodes of feelin sick,dizzy,faint,constipation etc.took some tablets for the latter today and have finally managed to go a bit but not much considering,still will see how it goes.
Hope everything is going well for yourself hon,will let you know how WI goes 2moro eve.

Natalie xx
Good luck for WI today sugar. It will be great! Glad you had a good time at Thorpe Park and sometimes, needs must. Better have you alive and well than faint and no use to anyone! Let us know how you get on. xx

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