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Struggling on day 4

Hi guys ,

I just started and I am already struggling on day 4. I literally forced myself out of the kitchen a moment ago and gave the puppie the cracker I was about to eat. Yesterday all I wanted was a spicey curry , it was raining and miserable out and i just wanted to cozy up with a nice meal. I only have to stay on TFR for 2 1/2 to 3 months and im already worried that I am not able , any sugestions?
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Getting married in July!!
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Hiya!!! Welcome. Firstly you are doing great!!!! Day 4 is a hard one! But honestly i promise it does get easier. Day 4and 5 are hard cos your probably not in keytosis yet. Its much easier when your in it cos your not actually hungry any more. ( you'll know your in it by the smell of your breath and taste of your mouth). You did so well to give d puppy the cracker cos you've already four of the toughest days over you!! Well done!!! And good idea coming on here. There is nearly always someone on here to help and support ya. Well done. Dont fret, everything your feeling is completely normal and we've all gone through it but when you get weighted in in three days you will be thrilled you stuck at it. Xx
Hi differentusername
Thanks for getting back to me , i didnt think anyone would be up! I did LT about 5 years ago and lost 4st which brought be down to a size ten, I kept that weight off for 4 years until last July I lost my job , and in August my hot water bottle burst in between my legs and got 1st and 2nd degree burns and I could walk for two months , because i wasnt walking or exercising my lower back then went in to severe spasm and i couldnt walk for a further 3 weeks..

All of that kind of took its tole and i began suffering from Anxiety about how i looked and since then i went from 9st to 11st 10 which i weighed in at last saturday.. doesnt seem alot to most people but to me its like waking up in someone elses body every day and because of my anxiety i cant conrol my food or alcohal intake so i decided LT was my last hope.

My tummy doesnt feel hungry but my mind is telling me "u could have on sambo and no one will know and it wont affect the weight loss much" then the other part of me says "you have three wardrobes of beautiful clothes waiting for you to get back in to" Im just fed up , feeling sorry for myself , I burst in to tears earlier , a mix between starvation , frustration and that time of the month and my poor new puppie stopped having his tantrum and sat beside me looking at his pathetic mammy..
Oh nooooooo I just spent the last ten minutes typing a big reply and pressed the wrong button... arggggggggh!

Basically in the shortened version , I had a really bad year last year and went from 9st to 11st10 which may not seem alot to most people but makes me feel like im waking up in someone elses body and life. I cant control my food or alcohal in take at all and decided LT was best for me , Out of Hunger , frustration , and that time of the month earlier i burst in to tears and my new puppie stopped having his tantrum and stopped barking and sat beside me looking up while i cried like a baby! basically just feeling sorry for myself.


Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
I totally understand!!! On my first two weeks id say i cried three or four times!!! A few times i just took myself off to bed to feel sorry for myself. But dont worry the moment passes and a few days later you'll look back and laugh thinking what was all that about?!hehe. Your puppy sounds cute!!

I get what your saying about being in someone elses body. Its about getting back to your own happy weight. You have made a great decision to go on lipotrim! It is tough but you are gaurinteed great results!! It will happen to you too and as you dont hav that much to loose compared to some of us you wont be on it too long. There are loads of people on here your weight and this forum is so good for tips, motivation and support. I wouldnt have gotten through whithout the support i get on here any time im a bit wobbly.

Your doing great!! You've made a brilliant decision and you will feel great when you have your first weigh in! You'll be at goal in no time. Just take it day to day pet and appreciate how well your doing. X
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Hi Beanbag,
Give it a couple more days and it will suddenly seem much easier, the worst part is almost over!! Well done on resisting the cracker. You can do it, just come on here whenever you need support, everyone is so friendly.
Im embaressed to say this but I cant lie , day 5 not even over and i crumbled :( ate some food and feel like a complete failure. I doubt i will have a good 1st weigh in now :( It didnt even feel right eating it and it didnt taste how i expected it to. I let myself down so much. im not having anything else today and im gettin back on the wagon 2moro
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also on day 5

Hi Beanbag, I know exactly how you feel I'm on day 5 too and I've cleared out the food cupboard, tidied up the garden sat on the computer for an hour (not literally cos I would break it) and it's still hours before my next shake!! The need for some food is overbearing and every time I have a cup of BLACK ugh! tea or coffee I just want to :sigh:and:cry:
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Im on day 9 and im having a bad day too :cry:BUT we have each other. its impossible to describe how bad the cravings for real food get to someone who isnt doing the programme so we have to come on here and support each other. Ive had a miserable day and i was just making my sons tea and he was having hotdogs when i got the overpowering urge to suck one lol. I put them onto the bread quickly and gave them to him before i caved.....weirdo lol! The top and bottom of it is that we are doing this for a reason and im desperately trying to remember my reasons to stop me caving....so im looking at a particularly horrible fat photo of me at a party a couple of months back and beleive me its giving me reason enough. Stay strong people and count te days to our next weigh-in :)
Louise x
Aww come on guys we need a group hug, beanbag you can still turn this around huni. If you drink the water and remain 100% you could still have a great loss dont give up now you are nearly there xx
Thanks for all the support :) , i fell asleep after eating and woke up feeling like i was going to vomit. I know I could have got passed that craving but it was like I went in to auto pilot , I didnt mind eating it at the time but right after i as like OHHHHHH NOOOO how could u be so stupid. I also think its down to boredom , im not working and its hard to have any routine , also its that time of the month and im feeling sorry for myself more than usual. Back on form 2moro for us then :) dont like the idea of day one again though , its really not worth it. i really wanted a good 1st weigh in and ive ruined that for myself now
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Me too! Day 7 for me, lots of personal sh¥t going on and just feel like calling it a day.......just made my OH's supper, paella (for 2!) from M&S and have escaped from the kitchen cos I just can't bear to watch him eat it! To make it worse he's only going to eat half of it and will put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow....

Just found a sachets of miso soup and was devouring the nutritional details....OH is being great, go and log on was his advice, someone else will feel the same....

And I'm absolutely freezing.....might go and lay in the bath, my usual escape route....must concentrate on tomorrow's weigh in


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Big ((hugs)) all around. It's at least reassuring to know we're not alone with our struggles!

I'm only day one, so feel like a right wimp at the moment, but I just had a bit of a row with hubby and so the emotional need to eat has kicked in, and that along with the fact that I'm soooo hungry (not to mention due on in the next couple of days!) has just made me :cry: slam doors and have a full on childish tantrum :eek::rolleyes:

S: 13st12lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st5lb(9.79%)
Beanbag, I was typing as you were replying.....I don't work either and I usually meet friends for lunch at least a couple of times a week. The weather has turned bad so I can't see anyone fancying meeting me in the park for a walk rather than a tasty lunch and a glass of SB! And we've only just started......
S: 13st12lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st5lb(9.79%)
Aren't we a sorry lot?!
i Know I can do this and i know if i had of just been patient the craving would have passed. It was a silly mistake that i wont be making again. With this bloody Irish weather all you want is a bowl of soup , but I think Id rather my skinny jeans instead :) so lets just put all our mistakes behind us and if i dont lose 8 pounds on my weigh in on friday i shall kill pharmy. :eek:

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