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Struggling on the old water today :o(

i've only had a pint and its 4pm :( i find it hard to drink alot anyway even before the diet and dont drink any hot drinks so rely on the water.... and its annoying as i know what a vital part the drinking water is for the diet!

i absolutely hate plain water so have the orange flavouring but i am disliking that today too not to mention the brik and last night really hated my soup...

its not becoming a problem to the fact that i am thinking i cant do the diet but it is a worry never the less!

i am hoping it is a just a phase as yesterday i really liked the briks!

i have asked my husband to buy some perfectly clear apple today which i use to drink before going on cd...is this ok even when ss'ing?
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I have drank Perfect clear, still red apple and it doesn't affect ketosis, neither does the perfectly clear Strawberry & Kiwi sparkling water. I found that you can dilute the perfectly clear still apple as half plain water and half still apple and it is still easy to drink.

I am on day 6 of restart and had still apple days 1 and 2 and was in ketosis on day 3.

Hope your finding it ok so far.
OK, try this. Get a beautiful crystal glass, fill it with ice cubes and then pour in some sparkling water. Sip like it's champagne. It works. honest!



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Louisa....I apologise now if I come across as being harsh or unsympathetic and I hope that you know that is not my intention....but, sweetheart, don't complicate things.

The diet is to have your packs and drink your water - no more, no less. Of course, we don't like all the flavours or the fact that we sometimes feel as if we're drowning but, to be honest, that's the price we pay for being in the position that we are in. Think of this as a means to an end...keep at it and within 3 months you will feel and look like a different person.

Stick to what you do like and flavour the water, have it hot, have it cold, still, sparkling, champagne flute or mug...whatever, just have it! Also, as a CDC and fellow slimmer, I would advise that you steer clear of Perfectly Clear or any other "ketosis friendly" drinks, especially so early in your journey. Whilst these things may not affect your ketosis they can affect your state of mind and lead to cravings for other things which are not so ketosis friendly!

Natural appetite suppressants are cinnamon and turmeric - use them in your shakes and soups and you will find that these first few days/weeks are not so tough.

I wish you lots of luck Louisa and am sending good vibes your way but you have to accept that this is it and this is how it is done...there are no short cuts, honey! :)
hi diva,

i know what you mean about the short cuts BELIEVE me if there were any i would of found them by now lol

i wasnt looking of a way out of it (i.e not having the packets,briks or water) hence why i said i knew it was a vital part of the diet i just meant today was being a struggle but i am sure it would pass in time...

thank you for all your help! i know we all have days like this but just needed to ask about the perfectly clear as i had heard it being mentioned before...


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Hi Louisa, sorry to hear you are struggling today...I must admit, the hardest part of CD for me is the water, it kills me! I really dislike normal water and can just about cope with flavoured water, so I do find it the biggest struggle...that along with the side effects of peeing for England!

I like to think of my packs and water as medicine...I don't intend to have anything other than chocoalte shakes and water and possibly a fibre thingiemibob...it's medicine, it is what it is and I drink it and get it over with rather than enjoying it, and somehow I'm hoping that will help me through this time...it certainly helped the first time around.

I'll be there with you tomorrow! xx
Hi Louise

Keep trying with the water. Last time I was on CD i found it helped to set myself water target especially in the mornings. I could never drink after 8pm otherwise I was up all night.

From what I can recall drinking more really does help in the long run and help you stay on track, it eases the headaches at the start, esases the bad breath and hunger pangs at the start.

Once you can cope with the water you will find real benefits, in my case my skin was almost perfect. I know you dont like hot drinks but have you tried warm water, just a thought it help me

Above all keep going IT WILL BE WORTH IT



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only just seen this thread Louisa and sorry to hear you are struggling with the water. I think most of us found the water thing difficult to begin with.

As others have said, think of it as medicine. It is vital that you drink as much as possible otherwise you may end up constipated which isnt nice. Also it really is true that the more you drink, the more you shrink.

Hope you are finding it a bit easier now xx


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Hey Louisa, I know exactly where you are coming from with the water! What I did was neck 1/2 pint every hour, I found it kept me full and got the job done. Once you get further into it you'll find you are quite thirsty anyhoo. Good luck huni, you are doing so so well! Vx


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Hi louisa, how are you getting on? I know it's hard to get the water down, i didn't drink ANY water at all before starting CD(the odd glass here and there) i lived off diet pepsi :eek: I set myself a target of a pint an hour usually and just drink it, i don't really like the taste but i try to see it in the same way as my packs, that i need to have it.

When is your weigh in, hope your first week has been ok :)

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