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Struggling this week...


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I am struggling this week cos' I have tonsillitis and a chronic cold!! :( I feel awful.
I don't have the energy to cook but I still have my appetite (I could do with not having it for a few days) So I keep picking at things I shouldn't have just because it's easy.
I also think I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself so i think i'm wanting to comfort eat and also eat out of boredom.
There's only so much fruit I can eat!! :(

Rubbish week!!!
I only have half a pound to lose to get my Club 10, going to be gutted if I ruin that this week because I'm poorly :( xx
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Awww mel - i hope your feeling better soon hun, if your ill then dont worry too much about your Wi.
Look after yourself and when you feel better get back on track x x x


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Thank you hun..
It is so hard to do it properly, hopefully i'll be better sooner rather than later!! xxx
Feel better soon :( I hope you get your Club 10 this week but if you don't, don't be too disappointed. You can't blame your immune system, it's not fair!

Still try and keep count of your syns if you can, get some low syn snacks like a box of Mikado (0.5 syns per stick) and munch away :) But if you need a break from the plan while you're under the weather, just write it off and vow to be 100% once you're better so you can reverse any damage.

Ali xxx


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Hope you're feeling better soon hun. Try not to worry too much about the diet when you're feeling so ill - just get yourself better and you can get back on track then. xx

Mrs V

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Hun, the last thing you want to think about when you are poorly is a diet!!
Just concentrate on getting better, the rest will come after.

Hope you feel better soon.



Now to maintain.....
hope you are feeling better soon xxx
Get well soon.
The diet can wait till after your better but you could maybe make some soup, I like that when im ill and its filling!!


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Thanks everyone.. your comments have made me smile! I've not been well since I posted this.. I think I have the flu.. in the summer!! :(
I was being sick all last night so didn't sleep once!! So I haven't eaten very much at all today, had a bit of toast and some soup! Aaargh!
Weigh in tomorrow morning.. making myself go!!


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Weigh in tomorrow morning.. making myself go!!
Oh bless ya hun. If it were me i'd be staying in bed!! Hope you manage to keep something down soon. xx

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