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Struggling this week


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Well I finished RTM on Friday, so officially maintaining but don't feel like I am doing too well at it.
I am doing ok calorie wise but not being very good. TOTM doesn't help and I know that is why I am being a bit naughty.

I am staying within my 2000 cals per day around 1900-1950, but I am not making helpful choices. Generally it is ok, cereal for breakfast, salads, all the good stuff I have gradually got used to loving, but chocolate is a real problem.
I have had a bag of mini cookies (125 cals) at lunch and some Ben and Jerry's frozen fudge brownie yoghurt ice cream (100 cals) with a good bit of a Tesco light choices chocolate pudding (150 cals) this evening. Although it isn't exactly a binge and not out of bounds, I just don't feel good about it.

Maybe it's because I haven't been allowed it for so long I feel like I shouldn't be having it.
Maybe it is OK? Maybe it isn't? I feel a bit confused about it.
I always get a little cranky around TOTM, and know it is a problem, hopefully next week will be better.
I think I need a few months to get my head around this.
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Ali, you know what you had and how many calories it was, if you are still within your 1950 cals. what's the problem? It just means you cut back on something else during the day.

Don't beat yourself up over it - you are now supposed to be able to enjoy all foods within reason.

So enjoy it!


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You have done very well and it is only normal that you feel a bit cranky around totm.

I think I need a few months to get my head around this
It will take your head time to get use to it.

You seem very aware of what is going on and that should keep you on the straight and narrow.

Love Mini xxx


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Ali, I agree with Corey, it is only natural for you to feel like this, but if you are within ur cals then thats ok hun! At least u are monitoring ur cals intake, u will be fine! It is only natural for u to feel like this during TOTM. Chocs has always been my biggest weakness, i hope i will be able to manage like u are!

U can still have it, as long as within moderation, which u are doing, so don't worry, ur doing fine! At least ur sticking to cereal and salads during the day, so ur balancing everything else!


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Hi Ali

Firstly, congratulations on getting through RtM and maintaining your goal weight - you have done really well.
I don't think there's anything wrong at all with enjoying some 'less healthy' foods after all that time following a strict plan - perfectly natural., especially with all those pesky TOTM hormones flying around! All you have to do is not let it turn into your regular way of eating and you'll be fine, especially as you're counting the calories.

I haven't posted for a while as I sort of lost faith in LL for a bit, or rather my ability to follow its plans!! but you are an inspiration and give me hope that it is possible to manage your weight after abstinence, so thank you very much!

Monkey x


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Hi Ali!

Not posted for a bit, been keeping my head down with work.

Stick at it. You can do it!

Im coming up to Week 7 now. Doing ok, and maintaining - but like you keep wondering what its going to be like when the restrictions are truly gone.

Let's hope we can manage!
Hi Ali,

Haven't been around much - been very busy at work & home! I have now finished RtM. On the whole, I am maintaining quite happily. There are days that I know I have more than usual, or have a little "naughty" something or other. I think what we need to remind ourselves of is that this is all still so new to us. I regard it as being work in progress. Let's face it, we can't be perfect all the time!!

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