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struggling to drink all my shakes


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Hi all

I'm on day 9 and the last few days i've been really finding it hard to drink the shakes.

yesterday I only managed 2 and so far today had none.

I'm just not hungry so don't want anything except water.

I also have a pretty bad tooth abscess so maybe that's not helping

Anyone have any advice?

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It is very important that you have all your shakes in the day... The program is designed for the three shakes (for women)

It is not good for you to not have them all

Sorry no better advice, hold your nose and swallow lol

Good luck xx
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Hi Tiana,
missing shakes can slow your weightloss as your body will go into starvation mode.(according to my pharmacist)

Have you tried the shakes warm? - I can't stand milkshake so I have : Vanilla made with hot water (a bit like horl**ks) or add coffee (latteish),chicken soup and hot choc. Remember to whisk not shake for safety.:rolleyes:
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I did struggle to drink my last one last night with this cold, just threw it down my neck lol
If you're in ketosis you won't be hungry. You can't treat your packs the way you would food and you can't rely on your body to tell you to have them

Stop thinking of them as food and think of them as fuel/medicine you MUST have 3 times a day

It's essential you have them or you're going to make yourself really I'll. Without them all your doing is just plain starving yourself


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try to have them all but i sometimes struggle with the 3rd one but i now dont make it with as much water (just about 150mls instead of 250) so i dont have as much to drink, checked it out and you ok to do this so long as you have extra drink of water after :)

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