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Struggling to drink water ...yuck

Hi ,I started Lipotrim on monday and I am really really struggling to drink plain water . I used to drink 2 litres of either 7UP free or pepsi max a day and miss it far more than food . I dont drink tea or coffee and am finding it impossible to drink 2 l of water as I hate the taste and the way it makes my mouth taste nasty, has anyone found anything to flavour the water with ??? I have seen some powder on e bay that is advertised as ok to use on lipotrim, ut obviously I am not sure ... anyone tried it ??
I will really appreciate any advise as I really want to do this :)
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hang in there, you will grow to love the water have it with lots of ice, once you have that 1st weigh in it will drive you on, i havnt found anything to flavour it with but i'm sure some1 else will get back to you with somthing,

good luck x x

Firstly stay clear of those powders on Ebay, surely if we were allowed to add them, we would have been told by our pharmasists or details about them would be in the lipotrim booklets etc.

I used to drink around 2 litres of diet coke a day, and like you I don't drink tea or coffee. Initally, it is hard to switch to water, but as you go on, you find that it does get easier. You could try adding extra water to your shakes, maybe adding 750mls instead of the minimum amount? That way, you would be adding around 1.5 litres to your intake, leaving you less to drink.

Good luck

Clair x


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Why don't you try sparkling water. I used the drink alot of fizzy drinks and found that sparkling water kind of helped. The water is also going to help detox your system and clear up your skin :

Just think of it as part of the diet. It's not like we love the shakes. But we get used to them hun. Try the sparkling water it does help.
What Clair and Jesi said. Think of water and your shakes as medicine. Think of it as something you need in order to survive.

Do not add anything to your plan unless LT say it's ok.

mrs bee

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Do you drink tap water or bottled?
The water in our area tastes awful si my 'treat' is evian which I find alot more palatable!
I do struggle with the water intake and very rarely go over the minimum 2L that we should have! I do hope though that post LT I will keep up the habit, it's a good one to keep!
i can only drink strawberry volvic, sugarfree. know its not allowed on LT but ive still had good losses every week.

x x
Hey babes i wrote you a really long essay but my computer crashed and it all went bye bye! Basically i was saying that i too was a fizzy drink junkie and im being honest i was addicted badly addicted to coke my family even staged an intervention. I gave it up a few months before lipotrim and god the withdrawals were incredible. I den went to 7up and club orange and i have to say after the first bit of lipotrim i dont miss fizzy drinks at all im even tinking bout never drinking them again.

I too didnt drink tea or coffee or any water before lipotrim but now i drink peppermint tea and even green tea which i hated before. Its a nice change from the shakes and plain water. i didnt try it til week 5 so my palate had changed a little.

I know its hard wen you are so used to something but giving up fizzy drinks for a while can do nothing but good most overweight people drink alot of fizzy drinks i myself wud have had my entire calorie intake gone with just fizzy drinks.

Wudnt it be nice to not tink about fizzy drinks as a way to get rid of thirst coz god knows it just makes you want more. As ive been on lipotrim ive started appreciating every single calorie dats in food why wud you waste so much on a drink????

Its hard to tink now that you will be better off without it for a while but tink of how much you will appreciate every sup after giving it up for a while.

oh the taste mite be ketosis, i found having them breath strips with lots of water changed the taste of the water. Maybe try dat.

Good Luck and it will get easier.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I agree with everything said so far. It will get easier. I find bottled water a bit too salty as some of them have quite high sodium levels. I got a brita water filter and find the water much more palatable now. I sometimes have fizzy water for a change. You need the water for hydration as well as flushing out toxins. We get 60% of our water from food, hence the need to drink extra when on TFR.

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