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Struggling to eat all my syns

I feel daft writing this but looking at my diary for the past week I really have not been eating enough syns, some days none at all. I tend to save them for the evening as thats usually the time I struggle but I have been so full I just havent wanted anything more to eat, but I am scared of eating them during the day incase I am hungry later.

I have read that not eating enough can affect your weight loss and I do want to follow the plan correctly. Its my second weigh in tomorrow morning so I suppose I will soon see.

Any tips on how I can use them when I am not hungry?
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big bear

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You could use them within meals like for gravy, sauces, proper oil etc or maybe extra cereal in the morning. Then in the evening maybe have some chocolate, biscuits etc..

Hope that helps, I've absolutely no problem using my syns lol...


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I now have some of my syns earlier in the day with a coffee to make sure I get at least the 5 in. So when I have my breaktime coffee I'll have a fibre plus bar or a wee baggie of biscuits etc.


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I think the point of syns is to allow your body some fats so our body can function.

Plus, in real life you can't stick to the plan 100% every single day so it allows you the flexibility to do so.

I think you should include some syns just to stop you from wanting to binge eat.

Have a small choc bar or extra hex a or hex b and count towards your syns.


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Yeah an extra porridge portion, or some cheese toastie or something? That allows you to "feel normal"!! I have a lot of mine on treats, cause i get slightly jealous of my work colleagues munching away on cake and bikkies and crispies... so I have my own low syn ones!


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Hmm.. What about using proper oil in meals welsh cake? ( I will find you syns to eat lol)

Or a nice pudding you like?

Or... Nuts?..
I'm not brilliant myself at using up all my syns, but I know they're important so I do try!

I find I use up my syns mostly on stuff I include in meals - olive oil, or extra cheese. There are some soups that count as a heb, but only half the tin - so sometimes I have the whole tin for lunch and that's around 6 syns. I also love smoked mackerel, and that's synned, so I eat that once a week. I don't think it's a good idea to eat your syns when you're not hungry, just to use them up - try to build them into your day!

I also have a glass or two of wine every now and then - and that helps the syns slip down, haha ;)


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I've also been struggling to use my syns but I've started to try and make a conscious effort to use at least 5 a day.

I've been using more in my cooking such as 2.25 syns for the schwartz pepper sauce on top of my steak or a bit of Mayo in a sarnie.

I could quite easily munch on a bar of chocolate as most sweet or savoury things (mmmm crisps) I enjoy but like you I am full after dinner and just can't get my head into eating just to use my syns. In Saying that maybe I should try harder as I've had 2 rubbish weeks (STS & 1lb).
I usually have no trouble using my syns.. But when I dont know what to have i sometimes have extra porridge portion or extra alpen light bar.
If I dnt want anything too naughty!


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Sorry for digging up an old thread, but the last few days I have also been struggling to use my minimum syns (you couldn't make it up LOL)
My week has been very busy and stressful and I had to force myself to sit down and eat. I eat so much fruit, I just haven't got a craving for chocolate or the like. I might go with the earlier suggestion and put a Hex A or B and syn it up. Anybody else with this issue?


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I used a Hex B and synned it up. It's just mad to struggle with not having enough syns :)


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I cant believe anyone struggles to use minimum syns lol! They add up really quickly, a bit of extra cheese, some sauce/gravy, some extra milk for a hot choc some extra cereal bars etc
I know it sounds pretty insane LOL But I don't eat cheese, make only SW syn-free sauces/gravy, don't really do a lot of hot drinks. The weekends when I am off work are a lot easier, there is the odd syn going into my meals, but during a busy work day when I take my salads or soup and fruit into work, it can be amazingly difficult :D Maybe it's just me being strange

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