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Struggling to find oatbran

Hmm - I am hoping to start Attack tommorrow and am struggling to get the Oatbran. I have tried in Asda and Sainsburys so far - Asda had wheatbran so I have some of that - and Iwill try Tescos tomorrow.
Will I get it in Holland & Barrett - because I should be able to get there on Monday?

If I cant get it tomorrow can I use Wheatbran instead for a day - or should I postpone till Monday when I should be able to get some somewhere?
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Tesco sell it, £1.49. It will only be the larger stores though.
If your Tesco doesn't seem to have it ask them to order it for you, it shouldn't be a problem.
Hi There, I did exactly what ypou did and bought wheat bran but from advice on here and a bit of research I learnt it is no substitute. Most Holland and Barretts stock it so you can get it Monday, however I started Attack without the oatbran and only introduced it on my third day. I lost 7lbs so it didn't do me any harm.
Thanks - I may be able to get to a Waitrose tomorrow..... and at least having some idea what to look for helps. Saw lots of other stuff by mornflake - just not the oatbran.
It's in shorter supply than usual - and the book is shooting back up the best-seller list.
My local Holland and Barrett had run out and told me that they wouldn't be getting any oatbran till September. Luckily, I found it in an independent health food shop, might need to stock up!

I had the same problem, I tried Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Holland and Barret but it was nowhere to be found. I even tried ordering it online from Tesco as it was available online but when it came they had substituted it for Musili :eek:

Anyway.. I found it finally in Morrisions, so why dont you try there, I bought 6 bags!!!!!!

Hope you find it too x
I'm so tempted to stockpile, but in the short term that just makes it worse for everyone else
Thanks, I managed to get some in Tesco this morning (their own brand one)....so there's no stopping me now!! All stocked up on eggs, chicken, crabsticks, prawns, and fat free yoghurt.
I've just found some at www.beanfreaks.com. Sold out everywhere else where I live, I'd previously got mine at Tesco.
They charge £1.99 per bag, more expensive than Tesco or Holland and Barrett, I know. Postage is £2 for orders weighing less than 2kgs, which means 3 for £7.97. Not too bad, not great either but, hey, when you're desperate it's a life saver.
Suddenly my brother-in-law who ordered 5kgs by mistake doedn't look so crazy!
5kgs!!!!!!! Just how long is your BIL planning on staying on this diet, Atropos? Or is he going to sell it on the black Dukan market?
£10 for 100g. Could retire on that bag.
LOL - I can see him dealing small baggies on street corners to desperate dukaneers. cash only, no questions.

Serious answer - Dukan is a life long commitment, and in stabilisation we actually need more (3tbsps a day). Every day, for the rest of our lives............

We'll out live that 5kg and then some
Maybe we should pm all the newbies that have disappeared to see if they want to give up their stocks. We'll set up oatbran bins like clothing banks in everytown.

A diet recycling bin sounds a good idea, exercise dvds, equipment, diet books and oatbran.

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