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struggling to have all the shakes

Hi all,

Hope you are all well.
well I am on day 3 of yet another re-start. The first day I nibbled on several things and yesterday was doing brilliantly until. Oriental chilli soup at lunch time, I found so horrible, after liking it previously! so I only managed half!
Last night couldnt face a shake for dinner either, the thought was making me queasy! so I didnt have one.....but then dived into a jar of pickled onions before bed! OMG my breath is still stinking! and this morning cant seem to face a shake either. :(
I hate eating the same things all the time, even though I have all the different flavours and have tried different ways of making them. I know I need to have these or I will get ill but I am really really struggling!
I am fed up of feeling so tired, moody and lazy constantly as well My house is a total tip! and cant seem to get motivated to do anything!
Does anyone have any tips or advice on how I can get over this....oh and does anyone know how bad pickled onions are?
Love Marisa xx
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I would suggest SS+, I'm on it and tend to have quorn fillets with the mushroom soup for my dinner, also have you tried the bars? They are really good and make it easier to fit all of your packs in.


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You must have 3cambridge, or else you'll not have all your vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need. You will then be more prone to going down with bugs etc - you will feel tired, more likely to eat and your body will go into famine mode and stop losing weight.

You can do SS+ or 810 and use one of your soups as a sauce over chicken/fish/quorn or veg. You can make ice cream with your shakes. Otherwise add 2 shakes together and drink as a shake - but make sure you drink lots of extra fluid later to make up for it.


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Oh and pickled onions are a no no! Onions are high in sugar - and when pickled they're in vinegar ... so a double no!


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the bars are really yummy!
i put mine in the freezer and then when they are really hard i cut them into bite size pieces and they take ages to chew!
also just found out you can freeze the tetras. tried it last night, and that was lke a banana mini milk ice lolly - delish.
i too, find the soups not to good, esp the chilli one, but sometimes i just need something hot to eat! i add black pepper, and soeone said you can add tasasco sauce or a little chilli powder/flakes to give it a bit of taste?
keep up the good work - you can do it!!
love maria xx


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I struggle to have all three as well! The thought of them makes me queasy and i'd rather eat nothing but I force them down. The shakes are just something I have to do.

I tend to go through phases of liking something and then i hate it!

Have found that the tetra as an ice cream makes a nice change (although i've gone off it a bit now after one a day!). Am gonna try making the shakes into a mouse later!

I just look forward to my jelly! Yum!

I'm also thinking of trying SS+ fairly soon. Might give it a go after my holiday to ease me back in.

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