Struggling to Restart - do I qualify?


Hi All:)

Some of you may remember me (or have chosen to forget:rolleyes: ) from the DH threads. I used to post quite regularly but then I gave up as I couldn't keep up with the turnover :(

I originally went on the Lipotrim program and successfully lost 3½ stone in a scarily short space of time. This meant my scales went from 21st to 17½:D

Then I went on our family holiday and from then on I have tried unsucessfully to 'get back on the wagon':mad: This has been going on for almost three years now:eek: and I am back up to 19st

We fly out to Majorca on thursday and I am going to use this holiday to try and decide which program I am going to use when I get back. I have finally acknowledged that there has to be an underlying reason for me NOT wanting to become thinner but I am having trouble with what I do with that information. (Should any of you understand what on earth I am trying to say I would be grateful for your help).:(

Do I go with CD or Lipotrim and give up my personal trainer and gym sessions or do I try to follow a 'calorie controlled' regime which allows me to punish myself with exercise?


Thanks for listening:)
Why don't you follow CD or LT AND keep the personal trainer. They will be able to devise you a correct program. If it is a cost issue that is helping you make that decision then sit down and write down tips on how to save yourself the cash needed. eg how much saved if I ditch the chocolate or the snacks or the take-aways.
You know you can do this so take the time on your holiday to prepare yourself mentally and start as soon as you get back.
Enjoy your holiday.

Thanks for the reply Cathy, much appreciated:D

The cost isn't really the issue - I've done the sums and I know that if I go back onto CD then I'll have enough pennies in my purse to pay for the trainer. It's the physical tiredness that I'm not sure about, that and the fact that my trainer is not too fond of VLCDs. He thinks that I should eat little & often (nice idea but it will only work if I can keep to the LITTLE)

In theory, if I do the CD 790 I should have the energy to do the workouts:eek: but so far I keep crashing & burning.

I have decided though, I am going to try and find the source and that will make a great difference. By Chrismas my ticker/ruler thingy will be at the other end of the screen.:p

Again, thanks for your reply:)
90% of this plan is in your head - if you can get your head round dealing with the cravings, and the mental blocks to success you are most of the way there :cool: Hopefully you'll reach a decision plan-wise that you are happy with, and know that we are supporting you all the way :)
I'm a big fan of trying to find ways to increase your activity in your normal daily life so that you have an increased level of natural fitness. :)

This way you have a sustainable lifestyle that is healthier due to the activity content and the gym can be used for additional toning and motivation if needed rather than being relied upon.

I have been steadily increasing the activity in my daily life and have gone from about 4,000 steps a day to consistently over 10,000. Don't ask me how I did it because I just made lots of little changes a bit at a time and now I couldn't tell what the secret is. The point is that it is now my lifestyle without me even having to think about exercise! :D

One example I gave which my mum now uses at work is she uses the loo 2 floors down instead of the one on the same floor. It isn't much but when you combine this with other small changes like parking in the next car park along then you begin to see the results without the need for a concerted effort to make it down the gym. You won't forget to live your lifestyle but it is all to easy to put off going to the gym! ;)