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Struggling to stay motivated

Iv been following aw for the last couple of years & have lost a couple of stone but have regained it & more but struggling to stay on plan as I feel iv got so much to lose and it feels impossible. I'm also suffering from depression and and struggling through life at the moment as I hate my job but no one wants to give me another so I can leave & my manager tries to make my life a difficult as possible, I still live at home with my mum but it doesn't feel like my home anymore as my brothers girlfriend is always staying over every night and i feel really self concious and down with my weight. Sorry about the moan I just have no one to talk to. x
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Vicki:) out of all of that, your weight is the one thing you can be in control of.
Once you can start feeling better about your self, you can be strong enough to tackle all the other things getting you down.
I think a trip to your GP to talk about some help for your depression is the first step; and then a fresh start with Slimming World to get your weight where you want it to be. If you go to a group, then try sitting in on the new member talk, or another group to give you some new motivation.
It's not impossible if you just take small steps, one at a time, and don't look at how far there is to go, as that can just be scary. Half a stone at a time, and mini goals to aim for. x
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Write down a list of all the reasons why U want to lose weight and gold it up and keep un ur purse or somewhere safe....and whenever U feel unmotivated have a read of it and it will spur you to carry on....i swear by it :)


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The likelihood is that if you are suffering from true depression it will make everything else, work, home life, weight, seem insurmountable. Try and think of the positives. Yes you hate your job, few people are lucky to really enjoy what they do all the time. You work to live not the other way around. There are many people who don't have work and struggle on that basis. You don't feel like home is "home" but unless you really don't get on with your brothers girlfriend I fail to see how that affects your position in the home unless she is uber thin and makes you self conscious. Even if that's the case you shouldn't compare yourself to her. You are your own person.

You need to start from the inside out. Go and see your gp and explain your depression, medicate it if needs be. Once you feel happier with yourself and your life the weight will follow. Overeating and depression go hand in hand for some, I know, I've been there. I had hypnosis and it worked for me and now I am happier I focus on making myself healthier to go with it. Nothing is impossible and healthy eating will give you more energy and a sunnier outlook all by itself. Take some control back in any area you can and you will soon see that you CAN and WILL do this.

We are all here for support. So you always have someone to talk to! X
I agree with the previous posts, get some help with your depression, as this is no doubt causing you to lose focus.
Keep focussing on here and let us help you.
Tina x


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Some really helpful advice here, I think. Unfortunately, we spend more time with our colleagues than our family nowadays, so while it is fortunate to have a job, it can be incredibly tough to go to bed dreading having to go to a place that makes you feel desperately unhappy with people that you would never choose to socialize with. If you are really unhappy in your job, it can quickly feel overwhelming.

I think this is also the reason why your brother's GF is an issue, after a tough day at the office, (as much as I love them) I'm not sure that I'd want my in laws to be at my house every day! I know if I'm stressed out making pleasantries is much harder.

If life is overwhelming, talk to someone. If you feel your job is the root cause, spend half an hour in the evenings applying for other jobs, talk to job seekers, have your CV reviewed, upload it onto loads of job sites, join social networks relevant to your field of work. Can you ask for a transfer within your company?

Hope you feel better soon x

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