struggling today , surely 1 won't matter ?


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hi everyone , hope your all well , been really struggling today at work (i'm a chef) and keep trying to convince myself to eat just a little bit of lunch as surely if i do and then get straight back on the foodpacks then it won't matter and won't make a difference , i have managed to resist up till now , helllppp !!:wave_cry:
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Yes, it will matter. You'll come out of ketosis, and not lose as much weight, You'll also find it easier to slip again tomorrow and the next day.

The question you have to ask yourself, is do you want to be thin? If the answer is yes, then breaking the diet that will do it for you, isn't going to help. It will also make you hngrier (as you'll be out of ketosis).

Stick in there mate.


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oh it will matter. it will set u of trust me! when i was on cd and broke it i kept going back for more. your doing great dont ruin it and be guilty afterwards x


keep strong!
as said above, it will matter, as you'll be out of Keto and then hunger will set in - 3weeks of piled-up REAL hunger will be much harder to resist than your current HEAD hunger.

Ignore your "inner voice", there's no way you can eat even a little something and have it not matter.
After all, if you can't stay away from food when you aren't physically hungry, how will you once the Keto period is over?

Be strong! :)


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I was once told treat the first time as your golden time, because once you eat it is so hard to get back in the right mindset. Hat off to you though mate, being a chef must make it even harder than the rest of us, with you being around food all the time.


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thanks guys !, i know your all right but i needed to hear it , yeah , the chef part is very hard but unfortunately i have been doing it for 22 years and don't know anything else so i have to stick with it for now even though it is a horrible job to have whilst attempting LL . thanks again all of you , i will resist the food but for some reason i seem to feel really hungry today and i have had the same amount of foodpacks as i normally have by this time , strange really !


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Well done for not giving in!!!

you have to remember that the reality of the LL program and what you have promised yourself is to abstain from food 100% while on the program. Having one lunch or even one bite of something is breaking that promise and will bring your out of ketosis! Also it will lead to more downfalls and make it harder to get back on track.

You deserve to get to your goal just keep picturing the end result and dont give in!!!


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well , i am almost at the end of my shift and have managed to resist :D it really has been an incredibly hard day today though and i have had the worst cravings for food since i started this programme , i honestly don't know why but i am willing to get today over with , thanks again everyone , paul x.


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It happens mate, you get the odd bad day. Today has been hard for me - I don't deal with much food (live alone) but I do have to prepare fresh food for my rats every few days - tonight they had roast chicken and I felt my temptation rise a lot.

Obviously quashed it as nothing is worth staying fat over but it does happen sometimes. You have to plough through these days when you have them.


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Well done dude!

I'm not a chef, but cooking is my hobby :).

I have those moments as well, and I remember the words of my counseller: 'One is never enough' and 'Will one bit, or a small lunch, really make that much difference to you?' etc... so just acknoledge your desire for that food, and defer it for another time - after lighter life :)

Hope it goes well for you mate!
PS: what kind of food do you cook? I'm into Egyptian/Turkish, Italian and Indian.


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hi mini , i cook all sorts , mostly traditional british food these days but have worked in italian ,french and indian restaurants over the year and cooked for quite a few famous folk along the way :)


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I am so impressed you are keeping to this diet as a chef. I know how hard that can be. I have two chefs in my family and we used to have a pub, so I've done my fair few hours in the kitchen. I used to eat so much food just picking at stuff cus it's always there.
Honestly, you are doing so well!!! Keep it up, you've come this far after all!

B x


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I have had a couple of really tough days so far too. About the same time as youre at now. Thing is if you get through and dont give in to temptation i found it gave me so much strength to get past other times when I felt like I was missing out. You know you can get past it because you have done before IYKWIM. You feel in control and a real sense of pride and achievement. I still have times when I want stuff but it just doesnt overpower me anymore. Stay strong. You are doing this for yourself. No one is forcing you to do it - its what you want in the long run.