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Struggling today



loving life
Sorry to hear your having a bad day hun, we have all been there and It's a horrible place to be. Well done for withstanding the urge, you will get through it just take it a day at a time -tomorrow is a new day and you will feel very proud of yourself that you have resisted. Big hugs Zoe xx
Aw babe its awful feeling, but think of the positive reasons your doing this, drink loads of water and try and take your mind off it, lose yourself in the arcade games in the blue band, ive lost hours in that place and it really works. Weekends are when its hard for me.

Just come on here and use us for support we all need it.

Good luck xx
Hey Clare, <big hugs>

Some days are really just harder than others, no matter how long you've been on the diet. It does eventually get much easier. I rarely even think I'm on a diet anymore.

My advice is just take each day as it comes. Get through this day and tomorrow you will feel better :)

Lots of people try distracting themselves and sometimes that can work. You've done so well so far. There are loads and I mean LOADS of people on here who thought that they'd not get through the first week and are at week 3, 6, 12, even more.

You can do it hun x
Hi Clare, I know it's awful but you're through the very worst bit. I get these huge cravings often accompanied with feelings of terrible depression and loss cos I can't eat - I know it's pathetic but that's how it is. Anyway they pass. Honestly they pass. They don't kill you. They don't even harm you. They are all in your mind! Change the subject in your mind. I pray for them to go away. They do- I don't know if it's God answering my prayer or they just go quite quickly anyway! But whatever, just remember the craving will pass. (BTW I need to heed my own advice cos I'm always on here moaning about them). Also come on and talk to us; we are all doing this together. xxx
Great post Broxi. Know what you mean about the depression and feeling of loss, as I used to get that too sometimes, but you're right, it doesn't kill you!

Lovely dog btw!
Broxi I love you:p


Silver Member
Hi Natty,

Hopefully by the time you read this it will be tomorrow, and you managed to get through the day!! Well done on getting through the 8 days!

I found it really hard after my first weigh in, as I really wanted to treat myself for doing so well. So my second weekend was hard - but I went to the shops and focussed on all the lovely clothes I will abe able to fit into!!

I am on day 13, and it does get easier! You will be on day 9 when you read this!

We are all behind you a 100% - and this forum and the people in it have really helped me through!

Keep going babe!

Hope you are feeling a bit better about things today natty xx
I don't know how I got through days 7 and 8. I felt so lousy. Felt proud when I did though and I just have to keep remembering that food will be there after the diet. I must admit I am so looking forward to 'add a meal week.'
Thanks everybody, can't say I feel any better today but am just trying to stay focused!!!

Nat x
Thanks everybody, can't say I feel any better today but am just trying to stay focused!!!

Nat x
That's what you need to do. Remember your goals!

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