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STRUGGLING with CD, moods and my relationships.


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Where do I start ? well firstly SS, can't get my head around it and i'm fed up with my pep talks which last all of an hour once im up out of bed in the morning.
Thats when i can drag myself up out of bed feeling very lethargic and down.

My relationship is so rocky right now that my shutters have gone up and i cant be bothered to make an effort, I will take some of the blame but suffice to say that my OH is from another planet where our relationship is concerned.

He's out the house 12 hours a day and up doing his admin till the early hours and i feel like a single person/parent again. Thats not a bad thing but as im living in the same house as my other half thats not how it should be.

Admittedly he isnt my sons dad but i feel i have a better relationship with his 2 sons than he has with mine. hell i feel as if i've adopted 2 sons who are lovely but I feel that when they visit and he's at work its my extra burden.
I've given up my college course as well and going to uni September because I have been juggling studying, work and mother which i've found damn hard without any support. On the evening of my birthday i spent alone as he was out working but I can't have the fact that his regulary 40 mins late picking up my son from school as im at college.

I dont post very often and i am a very private person and I guess i hate admitting there is a problem.

Times like this i miss the unconditional love and hugs from my mom
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Got no words of wisdom, but sending you some :hug99: :hug99:
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(((Mandie))) Sorry to hear you are feeling like this at the moment. I'm with you on the first paragraph, as that's me all over.

No advice re your relationship I'm afraid - except you must sit him down and talk to him, or if he won't listen or you can't talk to him, write a letter. Communicate your feelings to him .... then see if he does something.

Take care - you are such a lovely person. xxx


is a reader not a poster
G: 11st7lb
:thankyou: DQ, Mandy and Bev for the positive vibes sent my way, feeling much more positive about things now.

Well, things that are in my control and those which arent then, whatever will be will be.......
''I get knocked down but I get up again'' ;)


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How are you doing Mandy ????

Love and a Hug from me


x x x

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