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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Uphillstruggle, 13 May 2007 Social URL.

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  1. Uphillstruggle

    Uphillstruggle Full Member

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    I'm in week 9 of LL and have lost 41lbs. I love the diet still and find it easy. The thing is that my initial target weight was 11stone. I'm only 7 lbs off that now and am by no means happy with the way I look. In fact I still repulse myself. I am in a size 14 now which is great but I have an apron which (yes I've measured) hangs 4 inches over the edge of my thighs, horrible lumpy uneven saggy thighs and boobs and the most revolting swinging, wobble bingo wings. In addition, after childbirth and 15 years of obesity (I'm 27) I am covered in stretchmarks.
    I am using firming cream every day, body brushing, exfoliating etc but nothing is working.
    I am definitely setting myself a new target weight - I had my "frame" assessed and she said I should aim at getting under 9 stone as I aparantly have a tiny frame. I have no issue staying on the diet another 3 months or whatever it takes to get there but I wondered how bad my body will look when if I get there?
    Is it the case that if I get rid of every ounce of fat I will still have this horrendous overhang and bingo wings? If so what are my options in terms of surgery? I will need to start saving now and aim to have surgery I think.

    lol I guess what i need is to come to terms with the fact that I have screwed my body up totally and that I will never look good naked.

    Sorry I am rambling it is just really depressing me. I get such a huge buzz from getting into a size 14 skirt but then I put my swimsuit on and start crying.
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  3. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up
    Have you thought about visiting your gp to see if they could help....maybe you could get a TT on the NHS if you are lucky, I think if you show just how upset and down you are about it they can help.....!
    It would be worth a try.
  4. IslandBreeze

    IslandBreeze Castaway

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    oh hun!!! big hugs.
    Don't feel like that - you're doing a wonderful thing for your body and the health benefits already must be enormous. I bet you've got tons more energy for yourself and your kids.
    I've not got to target yet but a lot of people say the skin does shrink back but a little bit more slowly than the fat so maybe you'll see an improvement soon. My LLC lost 11 stone and says the skin did shrink back for her, it just took a little while. At 27, you're young and your skin will still have good elasticity - even if it doesn't feel like it right now. And it sounds like you're doing all the right things to help it along so hang in there, don't let your chatterbox get you down and be proud of what you're doing.
  5. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

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    Hello Uphill

    I was sorry to hear how down you feel, in spite of your fantastic achievement. I agree with fallenangel; my LLC also lost a shed load of weight and hasn't had to have surgery. Your body will take time to adjust. Your age is also in your favour.

    I think you'll also find that lots of us have stretchmarks (I do) and I don't have any children to show for it. The other thing I've learnt since doing LL is that we don't know what we're going to look like and how we're going to feel at the end so just take it step by step. I know that sounds corny but just focus on today.

    I have recommended The Bodydoctor regime to lots of people; this might help you tone up the bits you don't like.

    The final thing I want to say is that you need to get beyond repulsing yourself. This is not good and it's our friend crooked thinking. You will soon be finding out about Thought Records; I have found these invaluable for those difficult moments (emotionally).

    Just think, you have come this far and that's a massive achievement. Give your body and mind time to catch up with how far you've come so far.

    Take care.

    Mrs L xxx
  6. Betty Boo

    Betty Boo Full Member

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    Lighter Life
    That is such a great weight loss in such a short time, stop beating yourself up about it right now young lady. Your body will sort itself out, it just takes time. As Sonkie mentioned I am sure IF (and this is a big if) you need surgery you will get help on the NHS. I would not worry about that at the moment as you are 27, keep drinking that water as I am sure this helps.

    At least you have had children, I haven't and my body is one big stretch mark!!

    I am sure that you look fab with clothes on and just as good naked, you need a dose of 'How to look good naked' with Gok Wong.

    You are doing so well, don't let this get you down x :hug99:
  7. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

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    Aww big hugs for you! THe problem with LL is that you loose weight so quickly that the skin takes a while to catch up! You will have to wait a while to find out to what extent it will but dont let that take away from the fantastic achievement of doing so well. As people have said you are young & thats a good thing skin wise so try some toning excercises and see how you get on. You are clearly very focussed & determined which is fab! At the end of the day whatever you loose you'll be the best you can be. Maybe you will opt for surgery & maybe you wont but just wait & see what lies ahead - it may not be as bad as you think and dont forget to tell the chatterbox to f-off while you're at it!!
  8. Cherry Plum

    Cherry Plum One day at a time

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    lighter life
    Aww don't do this to yourself, you are going to look good naked, it will just take time.
    Our heads don't always accept what others see, therefore you might not look as good in the mirror as you do to other people. It takes time for our heads to catch up with our bodies & it takes time for our skin to shrink after the weight loss.
    It sounds like you've just described my body & probably lots of others.
    I've got an apron, I just tuck it in my knickers, its not as bad as it used to be. Have you tried support knickers, they can hold it in.
    I'm doing exercises to try & help my apron & bingo wings, I don't know if they work, but its worth a try.
    My legs are lumpy, fat & covered in celllulite, but that is ok because I'm still on the journey to slimville.
  9. SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue!

    SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue! Full Member

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    Lighter Life
    Not much for me to add as some great advice already given.

    Just wanted to say how well you have done and to keep going. We seem to of lost the same amount of weight and around the same in weeks too. Like most of us I have that apron, flab on the tum and I think the start of arms, not forgeting quite horid theighs.

    When I sit there gazing in the mirror rubbing in all the creams I have I try hard to concentrate on how many things I have achieved getting this far, the clothes I am able to fit in and the twinkle in my husbands eye when he sees me with or without clothes on!

    I know I will never be as fit and tonned as I was when younger, but I do at least have the chance to enjoy the rest of my life and see my children grow up.

    Please don't forget how well you have done, and if the skin does not go back to where you want (while being realistic about where it could go back to!) then see the GP as already suggested.

    Keep us posted, I will look out for you as I too want to get to a similar weight.

    Take Care :hug99:

    Sam xx

  10. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

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    When I sit there gazing in the mirror rubbing in all the creams I have I try hard to concentrate on how many things I have achieved getting this far, the clothes I am able to fit in and the twinkle in my husbands eye when he sees me with or without clothes on!

    I know I will never be as fit and toned as I was when younger, but I do at least have the chance to enjoy the rest of my life and see my children grow up.

    This is so true, and something I reckon all of us on this lumpy ride that is LL would do well to focus on. I too have an apron (what a gross description:sign0137:) I also have the most disgusting, crinkly boobs, where once they were voluptuous, my arms could help me fly and my thighs are so dimpled and wobbly...

    I use my LTT as often as I can,:character00115: and rub every cream & potion imaginable into my skin. My OH and I had a conversation on this only this am, with me in floods of tears over the way I look.

    He convinced me that he is proud of what I am doing and that he loves me for me, and not my body (phew!! thank goodness for that!!). I am also proud I have hopefully made my time with my children much longer than it would have been, and also have tried my best to stave off Type 2 diabetes, (Mum was a Type 1, so family tendency.)

    You are loved for who you are, and not for the way you look. You are doing something so hard, and so fantastic for you and your loved ones. Stick with it, and revel in the benefits. It is honestly going to be so worth it!:clap::clap::clap:
  11. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

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    I echo what everyone else has said, and I remember feeling despair when I saw myelf losing weight and having baggy skin everywhere.

    I am coming to terms with it all now. I've lost over 100 lbs and reduced from24 to size 12/10. It is not a pretty sight being in the buff, but what the hell, it is a damn sight better than being almost 18 stone in the buff!

    It is true that over time the skin will catch up to some extent and surgery is another option. But you are lucky to be only 27. I am 43 and my skin will take much longer to shrink if it ever does. Take comfort in your youth, Uphill. Be patient and you will see improvements. In the meantime, a well-supportive swimsuit will have to do!
  12. Hiddenfishcake

    Hiddenfishcake Full Member

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    One real positive thing for you to consider. I too have stretch marks, I definitely will not have children as I'm a bloke!

    You've done brilliantly so far. Hopefully the advice the others have given will help you, but please don't let something like this get you down now. Keep going to hit your targets, then give your body a chance to catch up. I'm sure you'll look amazing.
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