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Struggling with portion control


So I have been pretty much sticking to the plan, but I believe the portion control is hindering the progress.

How do you measure out what you need?

I think I over do the meat and carbs a bit, but I cant find the right balance.

Anything tips out there?

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I tend to look on the packet to see what is recommended as a portion- e.g. pasta 80g.

I always promise myself (because I used to eat HUGE portions and sometimes get freaked out by how small a measurement can appear) that if it is free food and the portion isn't enough I can have more later, but I never do- it is just psychological reassurance.

I have the same problem. I thought I wasn't eating enough superfree last week but ended up losing 5lbs! I guess it's difficult to comprehend that you can eat so many carbs and still lose.

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I also look at the recommended portion size for pasta and rice.
A good tip if you are struggling is to use the B choice portion size, so 227g baked potato or 113g chicken etc.

I'm not a great believer in the "third superfree naturally limits your intake of the free foods" statement though, as for me, it doesn't. I have what I would normally have plus superfree.
So I'll have a portion of risotto with a big green salad, that portion won't be smaller because of the superfree.
Same goes for if I make burgers and wedges, I won't have any less burger and wedges because of the superfree but I will have the superfree with it.
Hope that makes sense? It does in my head but it's been a hectic weekend!

Anyway, my tip - recommended portion size and B choice portion sizes.
Sounds like you're doing great, to me! I wouldn't worry too much about how much you're cooking as compared to the packet portion size, to be honest. The thing I find it helpful to think about is: if I eat this much, will I feel full, or will I feel stuffed? I try to put less on my plate and then know I can go back for seconds if I'm not full after - or, if I don't, I can eat the leftovers for lunch etc.

According to the packet recommended portions, personally, I eat way too much pasta, for example - but it fills me up and because of that I'm generally satisfied until my next meal and I don't get the urge to snack.

Remember to stick with the 1/3 superfree rule as well if you're on ee and that'll help - I do get what Jaylou says that occasionally you might eat the superfree on top of the amount you'd usually serve, but it does mean also that you'll stay fuller for longer and you'll get all the health benefits of fruit and veg.


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my consultant tell me never to portion control aslong as you have your free food and your recommened 1/3 superfree - i dont think you can have two much on your plate

Hey :)

Aw thanks for all this, sorry it took so long for me to reply.

All your tips were great, and really helpful. I shall have to try and find the balance which will work

I am really bad for getting engrossed in what I do. I'm a Law Student so sometimes meal times go out of the window. So this means I tend to be so desperate that the food is going before my body can register haha.

Also with snacking I tend to eat fruit for it - but sometimes I physically have to much fruit and veg whilst trying to stick to the third as well. It messes with the digestion. Balance is difficult haha.

Right now is easier because it is break and I can time meals adequately.

I tend to eat a fruit salad, or bowl of salad before the actual meal (whilst it cooks actually, because I know that fruit etc digests faster - so it causes me not to have an easily definable third. Then comes the justification for the protein and carb overload - I already ate a whole bowl of veg/fruit! Me and carbs don't work that well together, so I should probably follow a similar method to Jaylou and cocktailprincess for them. Plus like you hel10683 I end up waisting so much rice or pasta because i must have bad perception skills :)
With meat I agree that it probably wouldn't be too much of a worry like.

I agree that perhaps the third should limit carb and protein as BritMumInCanada says, as illustrated in the handy image from Mia_Angel suggests. But as I said the way I eat it isn't quite clear cut and measurable. Possibly somehow mark the plate I will use for the carbs and protein with the amount of veg or fruit beforehand?

Aw emsie and Who_la-hoop you are both sweet. I understand about not worrying too much it just I tend to be obsessive and a bitty ocd when mind is focussed. I had issues with eating disorders so I guess perhaps it freaks me out not having limits, when I am in a way wanting to limit what goes in (does that make sense?)

Eanceoil well done on your loss!

And I definately agree VITFA, that the superfree can never be too much :)

So shall try to perhaps,
Weigh carbs into recommend portion/ healthy extra sizes (just because i feel icky with too much)
Third of meal be the free protein
And get my Third in Veg (save fruit for sack/breakie) measured onto the plate and divide the plate up before I transfer it to a bowl..
Use fruit as a snack.

Thanks Again


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