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Struggling with saying no...

All in all I love SW, even though I'm only in my 2nd week it's really working out for me. The only issue I have is trying to manage my syns. Sometimes I am quite satisfied with a few syns and other times I'm just craving chocolate and biscuits and cake. I have a handle on it because I want to lose weight more than I want a piece of carrot cake and I know that it is only in that fleeting moment I want cake whereas wanting weight loss and a new me is what I focus on all the time. Sometimes though I have to admit I do want that piece of cake and I do want a bag of crisps, it must take a few weeks to get into the full swing of things...x
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if you stick with it, it won't be long before your taste buds change and what you think you crave is not as satisfying, but in the mean time look at the recipe section there are so many lovely foods on there and you can eat them, snack on superfree so your not hungry and when you get really bad cravings come on here for motivation, ideas and support. On the days that temptation gets to much and you have a blip, dust yourself down, don't let in ruin the rest of your day, week and put it behind you, its just a blip not the end of your sw journey. Good Luck


Determination is Key
Sometimes I think we all have trouble saying no... but I imagine the fat and the progress lost if I give in, and then it's not so hard.
Yesterday I really, really, realllllly wanted a custard slice from the bakery. Normally I could pass the bakery and not even think of going in, but I met my friend for lunch and she wanted a cream slice, so I went in with her. I bought the custard slice, even though it was 18.5 syns.
Last night, I divided it up.. less than a half for me, and the rest split between the two older kids.
I did use 9 syns on it, but it was worth it at the time. I typically end up with around 12 syns in the evening that I haven't used throughout the day, and usually spend them on something nice.

I'm never really deprived, even though saying no sometimes feels like I am lol
Thanks for the replies :) you're both right. I will check out some of the recipes to cure that chocolate fix! And I think I need to buy some treats and that will give me something to look forward to...1 treat instead of using syns for different things that don't make me feel like I'm having a treat like olive oil or Mayo!x


Determination is Key
If you buy the extra light mayo, it tastes more or less the same as regular, and is very low syn value.
last night i really wanted somthing sweet so i had a merangue nest 2.5 syns broken up into a sundae glass with 12g of anchor light squirty cream ( 1 syn ) with a tablespoon of melted nutella over (4syns) it was gorgeous!!.. and because i was eating it with a teaspoon it sort of lasted for a while and really hit that sweet craving id been after.. felt like a treat to having squirty cream and chocolate but for not that many syns!!

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