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Struggling with SW

After loosing over 2 stone with CD I'm really struglling to loose anything with SW, so much so that I'm considering going back to CD. I've currently got a BMI of 27 and have as another 1.5-2 stone to loose and I want this off by May 16th (Paris trip to celebrate 10 years of marital bliss). I really can;t see me reaching this goal by then.

Firstt week I put on 1lbs
second week I lost 1lbs (after over 7 hours of exercise in the week)
third week I only lost 0.5 lbs
last week I gained 1lbs.

So in four weeks I've lost 0.5 lbs which is bascially rubbish. I've tried talking to my SW leader about it and all she does is poo poo the CD diet as dangerous and that I'm loosing weight safetly and normally now, really makes me want to strangle her at times. Also she jsut not very motivting at all - doesn't help that shes' bigger than me either.

If anyone can offer any words of wisdon I'd be grateful
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I had the same after coming off cd i think it slows down your metabolism. Stick with it it will come off, you cant live on the cd forever.

Try having as many speed symbol foods as you can, and eat little and often.

Good luck


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Good luck with your weight loss Essexmum (I am celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary in May too!).

I guess SW is the one diet which encourages you to eat a lot and compared to the shakes on CD that is a huge adjustment for your body to get used to. Does SW suit you or would WW be better? If you stick to your points on WW the weight will come off, whereas on SW it is more hit and miss.
i totally sympathise. see my thread "i've put on weight with sw!"
i am trying tos tick with it and hope my body wil sort itself out but it is depressing. it is also so hard as it is to go from Cd to any other, normal, slower diet. when you put ON weight it is a bit soul destroying. but we cant keep doing Cd forever can we so i guess we have to stick it out and see what happens? i don't know..
i know how you feel though.
hugs xx


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Dont give up Essexmum......
I was also on a VLCD (only for4 weeks) but i lost 2 stones. I then re-gained about 1 stones of that so i joined slimming world 2weeks ago and have lost 6 1/2 lb. Stick with it for a couple more weeks, you'll soon see the weight start shifting :D . Good luck for this week!
(Where in Essex are you from?)
Personally, I'm going to stay on CD forever - on whatever food programme suits me at the time - as it's the only diet that's ever worked for me. And I've tried them all!

I don't think your metabolism necessarily slows down after a vlcd - it just changes to that of a 10 stone person as opposed to that of a 19 stone person (in my case) which means you need fewer calories to stay the same weight.

I've done SW 4 times and my problem was that I wanted too much of the free foods - I have no 'enough' switch in my brain lol!

I know it can work for people with more self control than me, though, so give it some time if you feel that it's the way forward for you.

Thanks for all you advice. I have just left a message on my old CDC's telephone and I'm going to speak to her for some advice (she was great during while I was dong CD said that I should call her anytime if I went int oprolems - I'm taking her up on that offer now LOL).

The only slight guilt I have is that I promised my mother we'd do the SW diet together and while she lost 1.5lbs this week, I stayed the same (weigh-in was today). I feel like I'm going around in circles here. I've tried WW and RC before and the CD was the only one that actually worked, so I think I'm going to go back to that one - maybe low GI/carb is the way forward for me (even though I love potatoes & chocolate)


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I've done SW 4 times and my problem was that I wanted too much of the free foods - I have no 'enough' switch in my brain lol!

Even though i'd done well on SW before, I could never get my head round the fact that you can eat as many free foods as you want. I'm sure the "you're full" switch in my brain doesnt work! I've started SW and tested it to the absolute max, and as a result have been unable to move because of the quantities i've eaten...... and i've lost weight!

I think it just goes to show that somewhere there's a diet for all of us, and we're all different.
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i totally empathise with what you're going through. i too am so tempted to go back to cambridge but i have been doing that on and off for 2 years since i got to goal. cambridge isnt designed to be a diet for life. it is a quick fix and it does totally work but if you try and do it forever it will mess with your head, trust me. sooner or later you need to learn how to eat with FOOD. i can't seem to manage it myself yet, but i'm hanging on and trying to resist running back to CD for as long as possible..


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Doesn't Cambridge have a minimum weight requirement? You seem too slim to be doing it! Have you considered WW Jen, that definitely works and at least you can eat food with that. I would imagine WW is more effective than SW as SW is the complete opposite of the scale from Cambridge and your body must be in shock going from liquid to unlimited quantities of free foods?


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I too did CD, I lost my weight over the summer and when I finally stood on the scales in the New Year I was shocked into trying CD again (gaining 1 stone). I lost half a stone but found myself feeling cold and miserable. I then tried 790 but it opened the floodgate of eating on weekends. I have recently tried SW and had my first weigh in last week, tonight's meeting will see how I've got on. Home scales show I've gained and I'll be interested to hear what the SW leader has to say.


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Thanks for all your comments, much appreciated. I've now gone back to Cd and I'm currently following the 1000 plan although next week I'll probably go donw to 790 and stay with that until I reach goal. I've proved to myself that I can maintain my weight but I don't want to maintain at 11st, I want to maintain at 9st, so I need to get down to that first, which I will do with the 790 plan. (I don't think I could cope with SSing again)

I don't tend to eat between meals as I stick with my 3 meals a day - I just have to make sure that when I get to goal my portion size stays stays at the smaller end of the scale.
i am refusing to go back to cambridge even though it is very tempting! going to continue eating healthily and following SW, mainly red days, and just see how i go. CD might fix my flabby bits but it won't fix my bad relationship with food or poor body image.
janey, i don't eat loads on slimming world. a pretty 'normal' amount i reckon. don't fancy WW as i get bored and annoyed with counting/weighing and one of the best things for me about Sw is that it feels like a healthy lifestyle choice rather than a diet. i'm hanging on in there and hoping for the best!


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i am refusing to go back to cambridge even though it is very tempting!
I agree however, I'm loving the limitless fruit and veg for snacks. Variety has to be the key and now we're buying from local markets to get cheap and locally produced foods it's a real bonus.
I may not be losing weight very fast but I'm loving the sw food.
With weigt watchers you only have to weight foods the first few weeks then you will get to know what you can have

I dont like slimming world because you are resrticted on cereal and bread and cant even have mashed potatoe on red day and cant also have garden peas as free
at least with ww you can eat everything and dont have to think oh i cant have this because im having that Confusing


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Hi Essexmum,

After reading another thread I just had to come on your diary and say hello:D

As you commented "are you me?" we are practically the same (height, start weight etc). I wish you all the very best on SW or CD if you go back to it. I am sticking to CD until my wedding (hope I get to goal by then) and see how it goes moving up the stages to maintenance. I am still worried about portion sizing when I get back into the real world:eek:

I've tried many other diets in the past and none have worked as well as CD. Keep up with the diary, I will be reading it with interest. (I am also 10.13 now:D - isn't it great to get under the 11st finally?:D )

Good Luck with everything:p

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