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Struggling with SW!

Hi everyone,
I am really struugling to get anywhere at the moment with SW.
The last few weeks have been so hard, I joined and then had a couple of bad weeks where I didn't follow SW 100% so obviously didn't expect to lose and I put on a few more lbs, then I had a week where I stuck to plan 100% a mixture of red, green and EE and actually put on 2.5lb!! I was really shocked and I had been so looking forward to WI as I had been so good.
The following week I lost 1/2 a pound but stuck with it and expected a better loss at my last WI but only lost 1/2 again.
I know these are losses but I have at least 4 stones to lose and at 1/2 a week I just don't think I can stick with this.
At the moment we have serious money problems and when we went shopping today we had to add it up as we went around as we had so little money to spend, and I could just not bring myself to buy food for the family and then extra things for just me - I have to buy different bread, different cereal, muller lights, cottage cheese etc
(the others won't eat these things)
I have decided I might give WW a try, as I don't feel like I'm buying extra things as I can have whatever cereal, bread etc we have in.
I really still want to lose weight but its depressing me so much as it takes me so much effort to stick with SW and I'm just getting nowhere.
I just wanted to wish you all the very best with your weight loss and SW, I hope to pop on now and again to see how you all are doing.
Good luck all!
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ahhhh kat, dont give up my love!! i understand how disheartening it can be when u dont have a loss, ive had the same problem the last 2 weeks, for me though ive just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid so after being able to lose weigh really quickly to the hardly anything each week can be an absolute kick in the nuts. as 4 the money, i can completely see where you coming from but a lot of the sw recipes you can give the family and they wouldnt even know it was die food, i find planning my meals each week and making a shopping list and sticking to it solidly really helps as we are on a really tigh budget, i tend to cook in bulk too and freeze stuff so that you get more for your money?? just a thought. i wish u all the best, i hope you dont stop sw as it really is a good healthy diet as opposed to weight watchers (but thats just my opinion) i wish u luck hun x x x im here if u need a rant xx
Sorry to hear about your struggle. I was gobsmacked when I stuck to the plan ridgidly and didn't lose anything. However, I think this was down to two things for me 1) leading up to wrong week 2) serving sizes. Everyone tells you that you can eat free food to your hearts content but realistically, even free food has a calorie content. Even my 'C' told me I could have a whole pack of free quorn sausage if I wanted. It compounded the problem for me because I've always been a quick eater and my stomach didn't really have the chance to tell my brain when I'd had enough!

It might also work for you if you concentrated on just the one plan for a week or so - Green, Red or EE. Girls at my group liked the EE but had a week on Red when they wanted to boost their loss.

Finally, you don't have to buy special bits just for yourself - have the same as the rest of the family but you would have to consider some of the food as your syn choices.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the success you hope for yourself. :wave_cry:


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
Aw Muffin, I understand especially with the financial aspect too

Its not a bad thing to try new things and you're just taking a slightly different road. A change is as good as a rest

Let us know how you're getting on :D
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Aww dont give up sweetie :)

You dont have to substitute everything, you can have normal bread just smalled amounts. SW meals are very family friendly too, just need to put ya thinking cap on!

Good Luck!
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Only move to WW if you really want too. There are lots of threads on here about SW on a budget.

You don't need to buy mullerlights, Morrisons do their own low fat yoghurts & they are syn free. You can make pasta which is cheap & add tinned toms, we all buy veggies you add some of them in to whatever you are making.

Try & buy offers when they are there, Aldi have their 69p fruit & veg offers, this week it's leeks, kiwi fruit, pears, salad pots & can't remember what else, but where else can you get pears for 69p:eek:

Check out the sticky thread with offers on.

As long as the bread you are eating is wholemeal & weighs 57grms it doesn't matter if it's shops own or Warburtons does it?

Cereal is expensive have you tried shops own, again Aldi shreddies are great, in fact my son prefers Aldi shreddies to Nestle:)

I think this is probably just one of many things which is getting you down at the moment.

Take a look around here, check out the food diaries, SW website for 'feed a family for £5, the thread with offers on, & search for SW on a budget, then see how you feel about WW.

Whatever you decide we'll still be here for you:D
What have you tried to help boost your losses?

There are lots of little tricks and variations that people can use to give a kickstart to losses, many of which have been discussed here.

One is to not use bread as a Hex, and replace it with something else, cereal, or cereal bar, or something along those lines. Bread can be one thing that really makes people hang on to their weight. If you cant live without it then fair enough, no point depriving yourself, but it might be worth doing a few bread-free days to see if it helps get things going.

Fish week is another good way, but not so much fun on a budget unless you can shop about a bit. Farm Foods I believe do good ranges of cheap frozen fish, and if you can spot a multipack tuna special offer or two that always helps.

What have you tried so far? Maybe we can come up with some other ways to help get your losses moving! Dont give up!


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Hey honey! Sorry to hear about your hard time! I've done weight watchers and I found it harder and more expensive than weight watchers because making meals for me and my fella was difficult and I had to buy ww meals coz counting points in ingredients got me down and was too difficult in my hectic life. Im on EE and whereas now I'm buying potatoes and using them in different ways eg SW chips, boiling etc and buying 2 for £5 (Tesco) mince. I can then make chilli's, spag bol etc and it feeds both of us without affecting my diet in the slightest! Hope that helps but good luck in what ever you decide keep in touch
Thank you to you all. You are all so kind and I have had a think about all the tips and advice you have given.
I tried to do WW today - firstly I was in a rush and too my weetabix to have at work but the bus was late and in the end I didn't have time to eat it at work. Then I had lunch - a sandwich and crisps.
walked home from work(45 mins) and was absolutely starving.
I have now crammed anything and everything I could find into my fat face and I feel sick!
Why didn't I just stick with SW and I might have had a better loss this week? Now I just don't know what to do, I'm so fed up and upset.
I work on the 6th floor and on my way down in the lift there is a mirror, I looked around and I look horrific, I wanted to cry in the lift, how stupid is that?! Somebody even asked me if I was pregnant last week!
I have tried having more speed foods and also tried to vary my meals so I'm not having the same all the time.
I don't buy much fish as partner won't eat any seafood at all, but it may be worth me having a look in farmfoods or another frozen food shop to buy myself a bag of fillets and I can just take one out for me when I want then.
I don't think I can do WW after all, but I just don't understand why SW won't work for me anymore.
I'm just feeling sorry for myself I suppose.
No I haven't done that, but I'll give an example. (EE day)

Breakfast - 350ml skimmed milk and 2 x chocolate weetabix (2 syns)
use the rest of my milk in coffee throughout the day.
Snack - Apple, nectarine
Lunch - Jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn with salad
Snack - satin crunch crisps (4 syns)
Tea - Asda chick pea dahl with added chicken, mushrooms, onions, peppers with boiled rice.
Muller light with chopped banana and apple.

Highlights hot chocolate (2 syns)

This is what I had one day last week.


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 13st3.5lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 2st8lb(16.25%)
6 syns in tuna isn't there? I may be wrong coz just learning myself but I haven't been having any. The rest seems ok. Sounds like you need to start filling in the exercise diary too that will help xx


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 13st3.5lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 2st8lb(16.25%)
I'd also step up on super speed foods like baked beans, mushy peas, strawberries, blackberries - they are what I am having plenty of at the mo and in 3 weeks I've lost 9 and a half pounds x


Yummy Mummy! xx
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I just want to send you a HUGE HUG :hug99:, I know exactly whats its like being on a tight budget, I was exactly the same and after losing 1 stone with SW i stopped going to classes to save money and lo and behold Ive out it all on plus some extra!

Im rejoining class week after next and i cant wait!!! I tried WW lasted 1 week, was STARVING and spent a frtune on their products which to be honest were horrible!!

Heres some tips for you that I use when budgeting:

  • Go on the internet and look at what offers are on at the major supermarkets. I look at what meats/fish are on offer and base my menu around these.
  • If meats and things are 2 for 1 get them, make double and freeze portions. Ideal when you are in a hurry or money is tight - you always have a back up.
  • Go to the supermarkets late afternoons/early evening and go to the reduced sections - I GET LOADS of meat and fish to freeze. last week I got 2 portions of fresh cod for £1.00!! Bought 3 packs and bunged them in the freezer.
  • Like someone else mentioned, have a look at the fruit and veg thats on offer or even better get frozen. The frozen veg is ideal for casseroles, shepards pies etc etc and the fruit is yummy too!!
  • Buy own brand cereal, bread and cereal bars - so much cheaper and they often come in bigger boxes too!
  • Bulk buy items such as potatoes and pasta - its often cheaper to buy a HUGE bag then a small bag every week/fornight.
  • Have a wander to your local fruit/veg shop. i went to mine the other day and got 15 eggs for £1.00 - absolute bargain!!!
  • When buying fruit/veg always rummage to the back - they have a better date on them lol!!
I hope you manage to decide what to do and remember we are all here to help you - best of luck xxxx

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