Step 1 Sole Source + Struggling with water week3


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Hi, I'm at home due to the bad weather with the kids. And I want to eat the things I shouldn't. Temptation all around. I have lost 13lbs so far. I know I need to drink more, anyone have any tips for the 2.25ltr

It doesn't have to be just water. Have u tried any of the herbal teas? Or you could also try the veg flavourings from Cambridge?


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I thought I'd brought herbal teas and was reading something about being careful between herbal and fruit tea, So after drinking the first one I looked at the box and I had brought fruit teas. I'll put them on the shopping list


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I fill up a 50cl bottle of water and I drink one as soon as I wake up, still in bed.
One after my breakfast, and so on
I find it easier to drink from a 50cl bottle, and I know I have to drink 5 of those.


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I do what above poster says but with a 75cl bottle lol.

Water flavourings help a lot too and green tea is lovely!!!


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Fruit teas are fine - just check the calorie/sugar content to be sure - but all herbal and fruit teas are allowed now :)


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Just to clarify - the rules changed in June last year. If your CWPC is insistent that fruit/flower teas aren't allowed, ask him/her to look at the June 2012 version of the Cambridge Weight Plan book. :)


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Hi guys

I am also week 3 11lbs lighter but im now struggling with my water intake was doing great first week ive gone from aboutn4 litres to 2.5 a day
I had a lemon flavoured tea last week really enjoyed but my cdc warned me off saying could boot me out ketosis

Also im feeling then temptation for food more as weeks go on I though would get easier lol x


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I also use a 750ml bottle, one with a sports cap, which I find a lot easier to drink from for some reason. If I have 2 of those at work thats 1.5 litres, which is easily done in 8 hours.

I also have a "travel bottle" which is 500ml, I drink one on the way to work, and one on the way home, which is another litre. That's 2.5 litres in total. I try not to drink much more when home otherwise would be wee'ing all night.