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Struggling with weight loss



I could cry this weight loss is so frustrating.

I know all the facts about losing weight & pcos, yet it is so frustrating when you just stop losing weight.

I'm 6 weeks into Slimming World, so far I've lost 14lbs, it came off way quicker than I expected, but for 2 weeks now my weight has stayed the same.

I could cry with pure frustration. It all seemed to be going so well,....

Is anyone else having a similar time of it?
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Hey, I'm quite new to the site and gave just stumbled on ur post, I can totally relate with how ur feeling, I have been diagnosed with pcos and it's so frustrating!! I tried slimming world, stuck to the diet rigidly but in 4 weeks I only list 2 pound... Everyone was saying it must be ghat I didn't stick to it or that I was sneaking Syns, but I wasn't at all... I was writing every scrap if good I ate down... it's so frustrating but stick at it... Uv lost s lot and u should be proud of yourself... Keep at it and I'm sure if will pick up for you !! Take care !!
Just read back on this... I may type too fast for my iPod to keep up ... Sorry x
Truffler, you've had a great weight loss up to now, well done :) I too have been diagnosed with pcos over 2 years ago and also find it very difficult to lose weight (very easy to put on though!!) although I love slimming world foods I often wonder if it's right for me and pcos as if you read online avoiding carbs can help with weight loss? I have only just started SW again (day 3!) but have already lost 2lb so must be ok? Just keep going and don't be disheartened , good luck to you :) x


Hi Ladies,
I learnt I had PCOS over 18 years ago and struggled with weight and the distress of slow weight loss. I am very lucky that I have a daughter, but even now the slow loss almost destroys me. I am currently doing Lighter Life Lite and have lost 7 pounds in a month - I am embarrassed every time I stand on the scales and almost feel I have to justify my small or non existent loss, when everyone around me has the fat melting away. I stay away toally from carbs as with PCOS, I retain fluid and my skin breaks out. This is a hard condition to deal with, both physically and emotionally. I am with you!
Keep at it hunny and don't be disheartened.... Like tesco says ...every little helps .... It will just take us a bit linger than others xx

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Keep positive, try to cut down on your carbs, eat more protein. Bit you've done well. It is very hard, and it's a horrible condition, but the mote weight you loose the better your pcos will be. It stores it's hormones in fat, the less fat you have the less hormone. You might find it slow going but then it will speed up again, once your hormones balance out a bit. You'll always have pcos but less symptoms, hopefully x


I think i have PCOS, and will get myself diagnosed soon (just very shy). I just started my Exante Diet and hope that my tummy in particular (which is always bloated) finally goes in. Ladies, you are all so inspirational to me.


Thanks everyone :)

The good news is I have gone on to lose more weight! (6lbs)
It stalled for a further 2 weeks where if stayed the same (in total 4 weeks) then all of a sudden just started coming off again....

I have been watching my carb intake,. & alcohol!! That's the only thing I can say I have changed.

But I'm feeling positive again & it feels good.

Thanks again ladies x

Zest for Life

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Beanie0506 said:
Well I'm onto my 2nd WI and I've lost 15lb altogether , fingers crossed it carries on :) well done all

15lbs in two weeks???
Really, ? That's so good! Maybe I'm on the wrong diet! I'm doing WW.

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I have it to lose >< lol. But yes, I'm never hungry, thought I was eating too much to be honest but I LOVE Zumba and that probably helps :) x
I started metformin a couple of years ago but that gp left and next one said I had to lose weight before I could be prescribed them again... Easier said than done !


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Hey hun.

I have PCOS.

Understand you frustration, but 14lbs is a great loss.

I stated ww on 8th Jan 12 and I lost 5lbs the first week and last week gained 1lbs, and I stuck to it to the letter so very frustrated. But start of my second weight loss week and my totm's started for the first time in 2 months.

Chin up and keep going.....that's what I tell myself.

Dee :)
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Took me a year to lose 3 stone a year ago through slimming world, I knew I had something wrong with me but wouldn't go the doctors, last year i finally did though and was diagnosed with PCOS, now i'm on the pill I seem to be losing weight faster. before I was losing 1/2 a Ib or a Ib each week no more, only been on slimming world 3 weeks this and lost 6Ib...that would have taken me 6-9 weeks before. I suppose peoples bodies all react different, I know I was getting frustrated when it came off so slowly, I even quit in the end cos it was getting to much and I still and 4 or 5 stone too lose. My mum struggled to lose weight to start with too, sometimes it takes a while your body to adjust.


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I have PCOS & slimming world was never really succsesful for me. I'm very big (20 stone) but i lost 4 stone in 3 months a couple of years back on Cambridge Diet. (The ONLY diet thats worked for me) Unfortunately i put the weight back on, but i'm ready to tackle it again for the very last time. I highly reccomend Cambridge to anybody, especially if you have Pcos, the weight falls off. Best of luck :)


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I'm currently doing Cambridge diet and am on day 6 I tried the south beach diet which was based around low gi and that was good just keep going xx


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I have struggled for years am now 91lb down thanks to low carb and slim and save ... It can be done you just need to find a plan
That suits you and be persistent and patient definitely patient
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