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Struggling Woman

I have been doing LL since April and have been in development for a few weeks but am now struggling as i have started to pick on the bad foods (carbs) i have lost 46lb so far and want to lose another 17lb to get my to my goal. Would going into RTM be better then staying in development as i can learn about introducing the good foods back into my diet but i'm not sure how to kick the bad habit i have got into. I seem to be spending money for nothing at the moment i'm very upset with myself as i can't seem to get motivated anymore i also think i have come out of ketosis and don't know how to get back on track. I definitely don't want to go back to my old ways but don't know what to do anymore i've tried talking to my LLC but don't seem to get anywhere. Can anyone give me some advice.:cry::tear_drop::banghead:
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I'm not sure how much helpful advice I can give, but here goes:It would be pretty difficult to lose 17lbs on RtM. I lost nearly a stone but that was from doing the RtM plan exactly, with no deviations. However, I have some people in my group who started RtM for the same reasons as you and most of them have been really successful at losing more weight and keeping it off. The really important thing here is not whether you should start RtM, but WHY you are struggling with abstinence. I would wager that you are getting lots and lots of positive comments about the way you look, which at first seems like a pile of positive strokes. However, my experience is that the people who tell you that you're looking great will then say, "but surely you're not still on that weird diet/ but you don't need to lose any more / Ooh, don't get too thin/ but you must stop dieting now..." etc. These comments tend to filter into our brain and become a part of our inner speak - our chatterbox talk and will undermine your resolve. This is classic nurturing parent talk and it could be one of the things that is sabotaging your efforts.

So Flower, what can you do about this? Firstly, you need to ask yourself if RtM would be a good way forward in terms of your health. Is your BMI under 25? Are you having any dizzy spells, low BP or other effects of being in abstinence? If yes, I would say that RtM would be a good option. If the answer to those questions is no, then you need to address the real reasons behind your inability to stay in abstinence. That's not to say RtM should be out of the question, but you need to get real with yourself. Stop listening to what other people say and keep telling yourself WHY you are doing this. It is NOT so other people will think you look good, it's because you want to be healthy and feel good about who you are AND the choices you are making. That last bit is incredibly important. Every time you want to eat a custard cream, stop and tell yourself that you can eat whatever you want - it is YOUR CHOICE! Then tell yourself what the consequences of each choice will be: eating = feeling out of control, yucky sugar rush, etc. Not eating = feeling that you can control your addiction to food, ketosis, continued weight loss, whatever. If it seems too hard, give yourself twenty minutes and then ask the same question again.

I hope this doesn't sound too bossy! I think the important thing is that you do what is best for you based on your own knowledge of yourself. LL is an incredibly personal journey and everyone finds their own route. I hope you find yours and that it leads you to your dreams!

Best of luck, Flower...

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