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    :cry:Why oh why oh why do I do it!!??

    Had a bad weekend with various birthday celebrations so have been angelic since Sunday including walking 4 miles with my mum's dog....perfect that is until today where, so far, I have gone about 10 points over! I STILL haven't reached my pre-Christmas weight of 13.4 - still 2lb off! Starting to feel demotivated....

    Why can I not control the food I put in my mouth!? It's like I am possessed! I have managed to lose over 2 stone at home (following WW online) but for some reason something is going pear shaped (so to speak!)

    I also hate the mental state of mind that says because I'm going out for a meal later, I "may as well" eat whatever I want before that as I am going to break my diet whereas in reality I know if I can just break my diet as little as possible beforehand the meal itself might not be such a disaster!

    Just needed to vent - sorry.......:cry:
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    Hi there
    Its because its learned behaviour over many years and we have to relearn new eating habits and patterns,look hard at why you feel you 'need' to eat anything and everything are you feeling deprived on your plan,if so look at maybe changing what you eat and have a little of what you feel you are missing?
    Take me as a BAD example I was 18lbs off target GOAL 3 years ago now here I am having yoyoed 6-7 stones on and off and I have 105lbs to target.
    Also is there something emotional,stressful making you feel you want food to help?Or if its just that the celebrations have made you falter look at how next time you can win the challenge of not getting to I want to eat everything as Ive blown it anyway.
    I personally think get the need to eat something out the way and take tomorrow as a freash day,its the battle of getting back on track and staying on it thats the key to success,pm me if you need a ear :) xx
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    hi vixhicks

    We have all been there. :(

    Horrible feeling to think that you are not in control of your eating. :cry:

    I can't offer you any advice only to say that we are all here for you and hopefully with the support of one another we can do better.

    Take care and don't worry too much.
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    Dont worry about it! join our anti-binging group we're all trying to go a month with out binging :)
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    We all go off track sometimes and it is hard to avoid the 'well I may as well just eat everything then' mentality. But it's 'getting back on the horse' which is the most important part of any diet. So what if you went over your points? As long as you re-focus you don't have to let things spiral out of control.

    It's nice to go out to eat - why don't you try to pick something relatively points-friendly off the menu? Then you can treat yourself to a dessert like a sorbet. One of the nicest things about eating out is the social aspect anyway.

    Afterwards you will come away feeling pretty smug that even when going out, you made a good choice food wise and you've managed to get back on track. It's much better to eat 2 burgers and then opt for a salad rather than 2 burgers and then opt for another burger!

    You can do it - keep reminding yourself that one little slip doesn't have to lead to things getting worse. And well done you for getting some exercise in - it will have very much helped out any over-indulging you have done. Huge good luck!
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