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taking it 1 day at a time
I can't stop picking this last week or two. Mainly easter eggs, yogurts and cheese. I'm sure its because the kids are at home and asking for food all the time. I'm having to keep the fridge stocked for them so its easy to grab bits and for it not to be missed.
I really must get my head back into the right place. I've been up at 13st 4lb, lost some with SW and now Exante and I'm battling with the last stone or so. It would be such a shame to give up within sight of the finish line.

Can't wait until the kids go back to school next Monday then I can concentrate on me a bit more. My youngest daughter is starting pre school for 3 sessions a week so I hope to use that time to exercise-although it does mean I'll have to take the others to school by car 2 mornings a week in order to get the youngest to the preschool on time.

I'm not giving up on this week but am not about to beat myself up if I can't keep on the straight and narrow. Expect me back with fresh determination on Monday......................
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taking it 1 day at a time
Frustrating isn't it when you're your own worst enemy.Let's hope we can use this as a learning experience as we move toward the hard part, maintenance.

He who never made mistakes, never made anything.
Good attitude Gina. :)

I too have been having difficulty with nibbling just recently - in my case I think I've left it too long from my last add-a-meal and diet fatigue is starting to creep in.

Thankfully not done anything too bad, we are talking the odd taste or mouthful, not platefuls, but when I do it I just can't seem to stop myself, the food is eaten before I've even realised I've picked it up usually.

I think you're right about the "you-time" and I hope you get your head back in the zone before too much longer. :)
I think we are all tempted. If it wasn't for the fact that there is no food in the house and what there is is locked up I would have eaten everything in the house today.


1lb at a time
Hope you manage to get back into the 'zone' hun! I'm only on week 2 and have picked already not a great sign but so far today I've been 100% and its nearly bedtime so I should be alright lol! Then its just tomorrow...then the next day and so on and so forth!! I'm takin it one day at a time! As long as I'm losing I don't really care how long it takes lol a lb a week is fine if thats what happens (hope its not that slow there, so KNOW i gotta be good lol)

Anyway, digressing! Lol. Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! xx
Just keep at it, and like everyone else has said one day at a time.
oh gina it is tough with the kids around isnt it! Especially when they leave their half eaten cakes, easter eggs and food all around the house.....! Not only do we have to clear it away, it also takes that extra will power not to devour it! I try to say to myself - "i can have that if i really want to, but i must wait 30mins" but by then i realise that i dont actually even want it, its all in our minds! Keep strong hun x

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